Monday, April 26, 2010

Home Office Furniture

These days more and more people are working at home already just like me. My friend who is a career woman and a wife also made a big choice of quitting her job for over 15 years to be a WAHM (work at home mom) and she told me that she has no regrets at all. Working at home has been good to her bec. she’s earning while still doing her wife and motherly duties at her own phase.

Her work station is inside their bedroom but since she is going full time with her new career she is now building her own space and a little home office outside their bedroom. She is quite excited about it, in fact she wanted to look around for home office furniture already. She even showed me a layout of the work station that she wanted near their living room. A trip to the home/office store or by clicking at her fave online store to scout for new furniture excites her even more.

She already has one of those computer desks and i’m not quite sure if she’s going to get a pc chair with side handles and higher back rest like what I am using. I know she needs to be more comfortable to do her work which is mostly online and some paper works that requires long sitting. I know her kids will have their turn as well on the pc so I also advised her to get a laptop so she can still work while the kids are using it and she can be mobile if needed. You know, moms can multi-tasks sometimes like she can cook while still peeking at her online works or writings. Not too bad for a mom who wanted to earn while still staying at home.

For those that have office at home, nothing is better than having a comfortable place where you can do all your paper works and online searches and more. Office furniture have contemporary these days thus keeping up with the ever changing world of office decorating. Work stations are also becoming ergonomic for functionality and productivity. Just remember to choose office furniture that are durable and can be comfortable while you are working.

For me if given the chance to change my work station, I'd pick this glass table, so neat, elegant, spacious and functional.

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