Monday, May 24, 2010

Hot Hollywood News

I was watching the news last night and I aside from nation or global news, I’m also waiting each day for some Hollywood news for I know there are lots of things going on with the entertainments industry. Actors and actresses particularly in Hollywood never fail to intrigue me for they are always in the limelight. The paparazzi are most of the times at their backs to watch and take photos of their every move.

It’s also nice to take a peek at the lives of the celebrities and see how they cope up with stress of being popular and always under the watchful eyes of their fans and critics. Some celebs eventhough they wanted to have a private life is practically sometimes an impossible fleet that they can do because like they say there’s no private thing once you’ve become a celebrity. There will always be nice comments and of course there’ll be stones that will be thrown on you.

Not only on TV, print or radio we get to hear about our fave celebrities because online there are entertainment or celebrity news and gossips where we can hear the latest buzz about lots of Hollywood celebs. These days, fans will not have a hard time looking for the celebrities that they are following because often than not, if they have new movie or project, they always get to read online.
Fans can even join some fan’s community where they can share their thoughts about their much-loved actor/actresses. Those fans that are lucky enough can also get to meet their idols in person but for the majority just reading bits and pieces of their lives, scandals, achievements and more are enough for them. Entertainment industry will always fascinate many people and I guess even if you are not a Hollywood celeb fans your attention will get them when a scandal or misbehavin’ of a certain celeb is caught on cam.

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