Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gold Rush

I don't know about you but I actually love gold jewelries. I have several pieces that was given to me by my sister in Riyadh. And knowing the quality of gold there, I know I have some good ones in my collection. I intend of buying maybe a gold ring in the future that I can use everyday. Gold and silver are probably the best and most commonly used in jewelries.

Not only that, people tend to buy gold coins to collect while others think of is a good investment that they can keep and sell in the future. Though the gold price may inflate from time to time, it's worth will still be great in the days to come and I can see a gold rush from investors.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Shopping is the Answer

So I was kinda piqued with my internet provider as of this writing that I blurted it out at my twitter account. It turned out that I’m not only one having a problem with my connection because 2 of my friends replied they are annoyed as well.

We joked and probably we all need just to go shopping to make us feel better. I guess I’m goin to take a peep at my favorite online store and see what’s their new arrivals and after that I need to read reviews about
life insurance lead that I needed. Some paper works are also pending so I need to look into that.
It looks like SHOPPING is the magic word. Ok off to see the latest bags. Yay!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Iron Man 2 (2010) Movie - Mark VI Classic Child Costume

There are times we can't find fun and unique costumes that we need for costume party, Halloween, a presentation and more. I know your kids will love this Iron Man 2 (2010) Movie - Mark VI Classic child costume that they can use. For sure they can boast this to their friends and they will get some good compliments when they wear this.

You can purchase this early for Halloween for we all know costumes will be pricey in those days. It's on sale for $44.99 from $58.99, take advantage of this sale.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chevy Accessories for Father's Day

Father’s Day is coming and do you already have in mind what gift to give him this year? There are practically hundreds of items that you can give to your dad or husband and here are just some of the few ideas that you might want to consider. I know fathers no matter what you give to them they will treasure it for sure.

1. Chrono or Diver’s Watches- Fossil and Guess brands have affordable watches that can suit your budget as well.

2. If your dad/man owns a chevy, one very practical thing to give are chevy accessories and for sure he’ll thank you for that. You can actually pick among the lightings, tires, headlights and more at CARiD. Just in case you didn’t know what to get him, you can ask him to pick the item that he wants and you’ll pay for it even if it is not a surprise anymore. At least you’ll give what he wants.

Gold that Glitters

Aside from shopping and looking for great deals on the web, I’m also trying to scour the net for possible business opportunities that anyone can get into. I recently read about that many collectors and investors these days have tried to buy gold coins and other forms of gold like bullion as an investment. Some buy it then later on they will sell it again making some profits out of it while others are just collecting gold coins.

I guess gold’s worth in the market still holds great value that’s why more investors are attracted to it. If you’re interested in such kind of business, don’t forget to research and know more about it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Clearance Sale: Nike-Adidas SALE Up to 70% Off at the SM Megamall

It's a SALE ALERT one again and this time Nike and Adidas are having their Clearance Sale: Up to 70% off
where: SM Megamall Mega Trade Hall 1
when: June 16 to 20, 2010

SALE: Hunter Ceiling Fans

If you intend of buying a ceiling fan soon, then perhaps you can check wide array of fans that are on sale at LightingTheWeb.com. Hunter fans (ceiling, portable, jobsite fans) are known for their durability, elegance and stylish looks.

Hunter Ceiling Fans will not only provide cooling methods for your homes or office but it can add beauty because it can also serves as a practical décor. Finding the right ceiling fans that will match the look of your room can be tricky sometimes but you should also know the size of the room and what cooling needs that you are aiming for then I guess you’ll already have an idea what style or size to choose.

These days, there are quite a lot of modern and contemporary ceiling fans and I reckon it is also best to get a good brand with an affordable price because in the long run you can save more. Here’s just one of the sale Hunter Ceiling Fans. This St Moritz 52" ceiling fan was originally priced ar $291.77 and now the sale Price: $250.92 , plus free shipping.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wedding Party Gifts for Bridesmaids and More

Take a look at this, I found this unique wedding party gifts
for bridesmaids. It's not only us guests who sometimes are having a hard time figuring out what gift to give to the couple but couples also have a hard time what to give to their bridesmaids, groomen, parents and more as a token of thank you.

I guess this cute tote bags are perfect for you brides maids as they can immediately use this to bring their stuff like shoes, accessories and more and for sure they will love this. These totes will only cost you $12.95 each, wow it's very affordable. You can even put additional items inside and wrap beautifully before giving it to them.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Start Your Career Now

I guess if you have time to shop and shop until you drop, you must also have time to get a good education for yourself. Getting an education or being educated is something that you can be proud of and like many say, education is something that will not be stolen from you. With knowledge in your head, it can bring you many opportunities in life like getting a more high paying job and more.

You can research college degrees online and start learning today. Being at home is no reason not to learn because you can always study online. Do your research and find online schools that will serve as your home for learning whether you want to pursue a career in business or in IT.

Juicy Deals From Sephora

Here's a great deal from Sephora.com this week. They have come up with Beauty In A Box - Aqua Essentials Kit, which is valued $124 and now it's on sale for only $69. This is only a LIMITED offer so hurry grab it while it lasts.

The set is composed of Make Up Forever with make up tutorial . The set contains:
set contains:
- 2 x 0.21 oz Aqua Cream in 13 Warm Beige (champagne shimmer) and 15 Taupe (taupe brown shimmer)
- 2 x 0.04 oz Aqua Eyes in Mat Black 0L (black) and Dark Grey 21L (dark metallic grey)
- 0.23 oz Aqua Smoky Lash in Extra Black
- 0.04 oz Aqua Lip in Nude Beige 1C (light neutral beige)
- 0.84 oz Sens'Eyes

Cebu Pacific P1.00 seat SALE

I can hear my friends over twitter raving about the 1 peso seat sale from Cebu Pacific: www.cebupacificair.com and it's only up till June 11 only. They are trying to book for their vacation next year but it seems that the site is slowing down bec. for sure it is loaded with people trying to book. I hope they can book because the price is so amazing at ONLY Php 1.00

Here's what I got from Cebu Pacific's Seat Sale alert:
We offer as low as our trademark ‘Piso’ fare in a special seat sale to Dipolog, Zamboanga and Cagayan de Oro. The sale period begins now until June 11, 2010, for travel from July 1 to August 31, 2010.

Guests traveling from Davao to Cagayan de Oro and vice versa can avail of P1 ‘Go Lite’ seats. For a ‘Go Lite’ P599 fare, you also get to travel from Cebu to Zamboanga or Dipolog, and from Davao to Zamboanga and vice versa.

If you are flying from Manila to Dipolog or Zamboanga, grab the ‘Go Lite’ seat sale fare of P999. From Manila, you can also visit Guangzhou, China for the ‘Go Lite’ fare of P1,499.

We are happy to serve travelers going to and from Visayas and Mindanao destinations as our flights help cut short your travel time for the same fare as buses and ferries. Guangzhou, China is also more accessible with our low fares and brand-new aircraft.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Shopping and Business Opportunities

I can always hear my friends talk about Coach bags and other designer bags, travel in and out of the country, gadgets that they can purchase and sometimes we talked about anything and everything. We also give advices about business and future endeavours and one way or another we also influence each other. Others simply want to stay and work at home, while others work outside but still got sideline online jobs.

I guess if anyone of us have lots of capital, I bet someone will have to buy gold coins as an investment. We all know that gold were used as money in ancient times for their barter trades and for sure in this century gold’s value is still high in the market.

The Biggest Loser

I'm pretty sure you have watch The Biggest Loser reality TV show and if you're overweight chances are you are more engrossed in watching the show. It's pretty amazing to see the contestants struggle to loose their weight and show determination in shedding them off. The contestants' weight loss success stories are so inspiring that those that have same problem can actually learn from them and have their story as an inspiration. There's hope so don't give up. Start exercising and live a healthy lifestyle.

Converse Philippines: Converse Philippines Facebook Raffle Contest!

Converse Philippines is having a Converse Philippines Facebook Raffle Contest! The contest is open to all facebook users in the Philippines. Just simply click the "Like" us on Facebook on or before June 15, 2010 and all the current fans and followers will automatically included in the contest. (Click the image to join)

The contest on Facebook will run from May 24, 2010 to June 15, 2010

How to win
- Winners will be determined via electronic raffle draw
- Participant can only win once.
- Relatives of Converse Philippines Employees up to the second degree of consanguinity are not eligible to join the contest.

- 10 winners will get 1 Converse Goodie Bag each.

You know, I'm not that lucky when it comes to contests but the mechanics is much easier than looking for diet pills that work. Too bad those that overweight should really exert a lot of effort to lose their unwanted fats.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Plains & Prints Exclusive Sale for BPI CARDHOLDERS! 50% OFF!

I'm a BPI cardholder and it's good thing to know that they are always offering Exclusive sale for BPI carhdolders. I got this apidexin reviews and this Plains & Prints Exclusive Sale for BPI CARDHOLDERS! 50% OFF! from my e-mail and oh dear, when good sales come along it's pretty hard to resist it sometimes.

If I have time today, I will check on Plains & Prints store (my fave actually) to see the sale items and if not I still can go on the regular sale on June 3 -27, 2010.