Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dive Into Summer Reading

Bookworms here's your chance to dive into reading this summer as many of famous hardbound books or textbooks are on SALE online. If you dig authors like JK Rowling, John Grisham, Stephen King, Janet Evanovich and more you can save on their latest books.

There are wide variety of categories that you can indulge in like romance, business, cooking, health, relationships, Christianity, Harry Potter, and more. Also the famous Twilight Saga movies are never to be missed. 

Baby Shower Gifts

It's always fun to attend baby shower parties of friends or a relative but sometimes we run out of ideas on what to give as a gift. It is always best to scour the net and look for ideas on gifts for a baby shower party. There are actually lots to choose from these days, since cute personalized items are now readily available.

I personally love to give gifts that the baby can really use so that it will not be a waste.

Shopping for Gold Eagle Coins

I know that shopping can bring so much euphoria to all most especially to women. There are lots of women who have lots of designer bags, shoes, clothes and jewelries as a collection or an investment. I reckon it’s also a good move when you can invest or buy gold coins and other precious metals for they have good value in the market today. US Gold Bureau is a great source of gold in form of ingot, coins and bullions. They’ve been in this business for long time and have professional staffs that have served lots of investors in their investments.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Diamonds are Forever

Ahhhh diamonds, it's every woman's dream!

I always dreamed of having one and in fact I'm saving to buy and I hope I can get discounts if I buy wholesale diamonds 
online. Right now I need to keep myself informed about diamonds and I learned about the 4 C's of Diamond.
1. Cut
2. Color
3. Clarity
4. Carat
I just hope when it's my time to buy (ring), I will not get a fake I guess I need to seek the help of my BIL who has a good eye for them.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rent Textbooks and Save 75%

Hey there book worms, you'll now have more reasons to read and enjoy your fave book.

Thanks to for you can now rent books online with over 3 million textbooks,save $500+ per year. Some of the popular books are expensive to buy so here's your chance to read books at low price.

Silver that Blings

It seems that everyone wants gold in their possession. I have seen lots of women who are into it most especially gold jewelries and even in the olden times people are already fascinated if not obssessed with gold. People are also putting their money in silver because just like gold it's world demand has already exceeded its annual production.

Silver as an investment can be in form of ingots or bullion and investors can buy silver at reputable traders for their safety. Since the internet is already here finding one can be easy already and I've learned that anyone can actually order now online.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Carpets at Carpet Express

As a homemaker, I’m always on the lookout for stylish and unique stuff for my house. Aside from that it’s always great if I can find fab and chic deals online because that can make me save more. I browsed Carpet Express and I’m simply amazed with the wide array of carpet collection that they have.

Military Auctions

These days, buying and selling products online are so convenient already. More business owners already know the power of online presence. It’s good to know that anyone who wants to join military auctions can now learn where to go. Thanks for the review

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bright and Colorful Maxi Dresses 2010

Maxi DressesFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

The in thing this Summer 2010 are Bright and Colorful Maxi Dresses. We have seen lots of celebrities like Kate Hudson, Katie Holmes, Lauren Conrad, Rihanna, and AnnaLynne McCord wearing them. Maxi dresses are comfy, stylish and comes in fun prints and even in bright colors. Perfect to wear this summer on the beach, vacation, at the mall or whereever you feel like it, this summer attire is sure a hit among women.

Here are some maxi dresses set that I made over at polyvore and you can click the image so you'll know where to buy the item. In the meantime, you might want check this out this fat burner supplement if you need before hitting the beach this summer.

Poor Lindsay

Oh my gosh, I think that Lindsay Lohan is a mess these days. Being sentenced to 90 days in jail is just too much for her to bear..haha. I think her critics are laughing so hard and might be telling her that she deserves it. I guess most of you saw her crying on court lately when she learned that she'll be in jail for many offenses. Oh such a pity.

She's really been in the news all the time misbehavin' and she is just a scene stealer like Britney and Paris. Have you remember Linday's skeletal figure last year? Wow she looks like he has taken tons of dose of weight loss products to be that Seriously, I think she needs to get her acts all together and be a good girl.

Perfect Summer Get Up

SUMMERFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Another great set that I found at Polyvore, summer is the time to show off some skin and I think this yellow dresss can show lots them , just make sure your ain't got excessive fats or else you'll be needing some apidexin or exercise to get rid of it.

I just fell in love with this Bally Women's Rako Sandal available at and it look comfy. Walk on the beach or stroll the mall with this look and for sure you'll be a headturner.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Youthful Skin

I've always said that I envy those women who are gifted with beautiful skin. I guess they are born with it or they are just too meticulous in keeping their skin look younger and soft. Ahhh wish I can such so that I'll not worry about my oily face with black heads and other imperfections.

Aging is also something that I'm looking into, it's not that I'm afraid to get old but seeing those fine lines and wrinkles on my face can be a little bothersome. I know that some of the ways that can somewhat retard their appearance is by eating healthy foods, washing face properly and even putting face wrinkle cream religiously.

Forever 21 Finally Opened at SM Megamall

I've read tweets from friends and read on blogposts that FOREVER 21 store finally opened yesterday at 2nd flr. SM Megamall near Watsons store. I read that it was a big hit and customers lined up just to go inside the store. Why not? Forever 21 has many stylish yet affordable clothes and now that they finally opened a store in Megamall for sure many will be visiting the store this weekend (that includes me!).

I planned on going to Greenhills to buy some stuff (shoes, blouse, DVD's, adobe illustrator installer, probably a night cream and anything that will fancy me) then I can go to Megamall afterwards to see Forever 21 store.