Monday, September 27, 2010

The Emergency Bra

The first time I saw this Emergency Bra, I can't help but to smirk. A bra used as face mask? This special designed bra can easily be transformed as 2 separate face masks and can be used in emergency or where your health is at risk. This unique bra is invented by Dr. Elena Bodnar and can be purchased at

Just make sure it's clean if you put this own hehe.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Soft & Sexy Wrap from Victoria's Secret SALE

Victoria's Secret has come up with a versatile and sexy wrap this season. Check out their The Soft & Sexy Wrap that can be worn in more than 8 ways to wear it. It's made out of cashmere and cotton that is so soft and luxurious. Tie it, wrap it and do anything about it and have fun. Sold for $39 and up.

Double Your Points by Purchasing at Forever 21

There seems to be a lot of sale and discounts offered lately by many shopping stores online and offline and that is what I like about shopping. Though it'll mean another hole in our pockets, we can really save most especially that Christmas shopping is just around the corner.

Anyway, if you're an SM Advantage card holder like me, we can double our points if you purchase worth of P3,000 (single receipt only) at FOREVER 21 from Sept. 20-30, 2010. Check out FOREVER 21 at the 2nd Floor of SM Megamall Bldg. A and you'll be amazed at how big the store is and with all the products that they have there.

The Gold Buzz

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about gold these days. Aside from the shoutouts of my sister who bought another gold bangles to add to her collection, I’ve been hearing that gold bullion and coins are good investments these days. We all know that in the ancient times, gold is used as a form of money and it’s always been associated with great wealth and power.

Nowadays, gold is still in demand even though its value depreciates from time to time, more investors are still considering it to be a worth investment. I’m very sure that gold will still remain on top of every collector and investors list.

Figlia shoe, M.Nicole, Shūbizz, Figliarina shoes and Bags Up Close

Figlia shoe, M.Nicole, Shūbizz, Figliarina shoes and Bags Up Close

Crocs Megasale in Cebu

Everyone is almost gearing up for their holiday shopping and if you love CROCS then this Crocs Mega Sale in Cebu will surely set the shopping fire in you. Don't you miss this sale because you can enjoy great deals and discounts up to 80% off.

Be there at at the SM City Cebu Trade Hall from October 1 – 3, 2010 from 10:00am – 9:00pm
and grab your fave CROCS.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Million Dollar Gold Coin Dress

It's amazing to see the model wearing a shimmering gold dress during a fashion show in Tokyo, Japan. What makes it so unique and worth million dollars is that this dress is sewn with actual gold coins. This dress is made of 3 part ensembles: full-length dress weighing 10 kg and two jackets weighing up to 21 kg that is patiently worn by the model who looked stunning eventhough it was heavy. I wonder what will designers will come up next time.

If gold coins can be also be used in high fashion, gold bars /
bullion and other precious metals can be used as a great investment and the US Gold Bureau is a place where you can order or get a price quote. It's much better to invest where you can gain more profit.

Friday, September 17, 2010

SM MOA (Mall of Asia) Big Big Sale!

There's more reason to go out and shop this weekend as SM MOA (Mall of Asia) has a Big Big Sale of up to 70% off starting today Sept. 17 till 19th, 2010 (Friday-Sunday). I've seen their commercial on TV and I'm pretty sure shopaholics will be flocking at MOA once again.

Just in case you want to shop for some anti-aging creams or products you can click here and if you don;t find something then you can try to find some sale beauty products at SM bec. for sure they have some.

Do I hear some shoppers getting crazy right now? Happy Shopping.

Affordable and Cute Dresses at Forever 21

Ok, I know you want to fit in one of those sexy dresses that are "in" these days. If you're on the plump side, I know that looking for the best diet pills for women is on top of your list. Start by changing your eating lifestyle by getting rid of those food with too much fat and salt, you can eat veggies and of course do some exercise.

Anyway, found some nice and affordable dresses at FOREVER 21 and here's my pick. There are actually tons to choose from and with prices selling for $12- and up for sure you'll never have seconds thoughts of putting a lot on your cart. happy Shopping!

Acne Scars Be Gone

I will not deny that I've been piqued with my acne from to time. You see, I'm passed my teenage years and having an acne is something that I don't really expect still coming out of my face. I know it's also hormonal and probably the result of a not proper facial hygiene.

Anyway, as technology advances, medical products also are developing and there are actually acne scar remover that can help anyone who simply wants to get rid of the dark spots left by those acne. I know at point you have pricked or popped your acne to get rid of it and it results in a deeper scar.

Fashionable Infant Carriers Covers and Baby Slings

There are mommies who are still battling to lose their pregnancy weight and reading fat burner reviews to get them back in shape but for some they don't mind having extra bulge on their stomachs. After having a baby, the mother's instinct will kick in and taking care of their babies first is on top of their list then later on they also need to attend themselves.

Anyway, here are's a site where you can find Fashionable Infant Carriers Covers and Baby Slings if you are comfortable in using them. Some mommies don't like to carry their kids using these but for some who wanted to multi-task while their babies are on the bodies, this is a good choice.

I found this at a cute site CUTIE and PATOOTIE and they have nice collections over at the site and here are just some.

Comfy Suelas Shoes

So I was in the hunt for the perfect comfy flat shoes for myself since I'm not really comfortable wearing high heel shoes or wedge shoes lately as my feet hurts most of the times. I love walking with flat shoes especially when I'm shopping and don't you know that it's a great fat burner? Oh yes it is, you'll burn calories while walking and climbing stairs instead of using the elevator.

Anyway, I posted about the sale on sole sister shoes last time and I was suppose to order but I was taken aback because of the garter on the ballet flats. I was scouring multiply sites once again and found these SUELAS shoes and with the testimonials that I read on different blogs and their customers I wanted to order. Lots of comments like it is comfy for shopping and travelling made me want to purchase.

I looked at the catalogue and I wanted to try one pair, maybe the red color but when I'm about to order, I found out that paypal payment is not available. :( . I texted the owner and hope they can consider this mode of payment bec. it's hassle for me to go out at pay at the bank.

Anyway, if you want to buy Suelas shoes check out their site

Thursday, September 16, 2010

End of Season SALE at Sole Sister

Are you lonely because you can't seem to lose weight and find weight loss diet pill that really works for you? I guess you need to consult your doctor so it can recommend a treatment that might fit you.

In the meantime, don't frown and stop worrying too much because you'll just end up frustrated. Defocus your thoughts and just go shopping for there's an End of Season SALE at Sole Sister till the end of the month. Just look at the price of that soft patent ballet flats , it's only P499 which is already very affordable.

I need a shoes like this and I might go out on a weekend to check on some other styles. Check out their site too

Go Shopping

If you have 20 million dollars after winning lotto, what are the things that you want to buy for yourself or for your family? Lots would say that they go shopping for all the things that they want like shoes, clothes, high-tech gadgets, cars and more. I guess for me I’d go shopping of course and I’ll buy new DSLR cam, iPhone, i-Pad and other gadgets. I’d also travel as much as I can and put some on my bank.

Giving to the church and investing is a good move as well. You can put up a business as an investment. There are lots of gold coins and other metals that are worth investing and you can inquire at US Gold Bureau bec. I read they are one of the leading sources of gold for investments. You can also give some to charity or to all those that are needy.

Monday, September 13, 2010

White Bathroom

I'm done browsing for Saniflo toilet and it inspires me to have our own bathroom for renovation. Wish that one day, we'll have the budget to renovate ours so that it'll be more contemporary and neat. I have to say that there are many nice bathroom stuff and accessories available these days.

Ahhh this bathroom looks immaculately clean because of all the white bathroom furniture in it plus the lighting was perfect. The white painting on the walls makes it brighter as well.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashionable Scrub Caps

I miss the days when I still work in the hospital. Gone are the days where I used to wear those immaculately white medical uniforms that I have that are very presentable when you are in front of many patients, co-medical staff and when you are presenting your medical resume to the hospital's HR department.

I noticed that these days, scrubs used by nurses and even some doctors are very fashionable already. It was non-existent when I was still in the hospital. I found these nice fashionable scrub caps at ETSY and there are actually many prints to choose from.

I Love Vintage T-Shirts

Now that my birthday and the holidays are coming up, my mind is busy once again on what I'm going to buy for myself. Oh yes, me first hehe. Actually, my online friend is selling new stuff online and I have to tell you that I'm already tempted to shop! Wahhh, her items where just so irresistible and knowing that I'll reward myself anything this year makes me vulnerable to shop.

The iPhone is out of my list, it was just too pricey for my budget and I don;t think I can maximize all the features that the phone has so I'm not replacing my old Nokia phone yet.

Anyway, I saw some vintage t shirts and I thought they are cute and I might get one of those soon. Here are just some of the shirts that I like.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Request a Free Gold Investor's Kit

I guess by now, you've already learned that gold coins or bullion have been known to be a promising investment these days. Since the ancient times, gold has been used in trading as their form of money and these days gold still holds its magic and value. It is also one of the most tangible assets that any investors can have. You can either purchase American Gold Eagle Coins at US Gold Bureau and add it your Individual Retirement Accounts as well.

You can even request for a free gold investor's kit where any investor can learn tips and tricks on how to invest on gold.

Steal Blake Lively's Fashion Style

Who Says You Can't Be Free
I Just love Blake Lively, love love her hair too!

Here's a set that I found at Polyvore and the top Cashmere and silk-blend dress is available at net a porter and the leather bag is from Marc Jacobs. Just click the image to find where you can buy the other accessories.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boston Moving Company

Moving can be stressful and tiring and I know that. Many years ago, we had the opportunity to build a new house and moved there after months of anticipation. Mom and I carefully boxed all our belongings, making sure to put labels on each box for proper identification and for easier organization.

We’re extra careful on the fragile items and I put several brown papers on each plate and drinking glass to prevent breakage. It was a tiring job and I have to say that if we’re not only moving to our new house, then I’ll not do the packing. We have no other choice but to do it ourselves since we have no budget to hire a professional mover that time. Anyway, with so much work, we’re able to ship our stuff using our car back and forth. That was just too exhausting if I can add.

These days, moving can be stress free because there are moving companies like Humboldt, a Boston moving company that offers professional moving of residential and commercial type. They also can ship internationally at an affordable price. Hiring their services will not only lift the burden on your shoulders but you’re rest assured that your belongings are safe in their care. In no time you’ll be able to move or relocate to your next destination.

Hunt for Luxury Plush Mattress

I've been complaining lately because my back is hurting everytime I got up in the morning. Looks like that my mattress and my pillows are the culprit already. I was advised by my mom to get one of comfy mattress that she is seeing at a nearby home depot. She said I don't need to settle for low quality bed because in the long run, it will ruin my health as well, which is actually happening already.

Now, I on the lookout for quality mattresses that can replace my old bed. I have to go online or go to the nearest mall to find one.

Monday, September 6, 2010

QUICKER8.COM Blog Contest

I joined the blog contest over at QUICKER8.COM hoping to win these cool prizes!
1st price - Ladies Chronograph (big face) watch
2nd price - Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)
3rd price - Kate Spade kikay kit (floral)
I hope luck is with me when she's pick the lucky winners. Any of these prizes will do most especially the Fossil watch.

If you want to join, you still have time bec. contest will be up to September 8. Check out the mechanics HERE.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ulysse-Nardin Macho Palladium 950 Macho Palladium 950

Watches are status symbol. If you are looking for quality timepieces that is both elegant and durable, this Ulysse Nardin Macho Palladium
watch will surely match your delicate taste in watches. This was is water resistant at up to 50 meters, has a exhibition case back, with genuine leather alligator strap, chronometer and with automatic movement. It comes in several variations that you can choose.

This Ulysse Nardin Macho Palladium watch is available at Lussori, certified and authorized distributor of fine and luxury watches and jewelries that elite, rich and famous wear. Their showroom can be found at Main Street in downtown Los Altos, CA.

Labor Day Week SALE at Old Navy

Old Navy online store never fails to give discounts and promos to their customers and aren;t you excited because they are having a big at Labor Day Week SALE at Old Navy and with incredible low prices on women's and men's shirts starting at $8 and up.

Holidays are coming so you can have all the time to ship and hoard gifts for your family and friends. Happy Shopping!

Post-It Coupons:Save $3 on Post-It Items

Sometimes it's hard to organize things properly but with the help of Post-it labels and durable tabs, organizing can be a breeze. My niece and I love post it products and we always buy our supplies at the bookstore. You can download coupons, get free samples and watch videos that can help you organize properly and efficiently.
Learn more at

Online College Allows Military Students Earn a Degree

You want to serve the country so you end up joining the military. It’s a choice that you have made and you are proud of it. You also deserve all the respect because of your good endeavour. Just some of the many privileges that people in the military has is to continue their studies even if they are in the service. You can earn a college degree even if you are deployed overseas since you’ll be enrolled in a online college.

Studying while still in the service can prepare you intellectually when you want to leave the service. There’ll be more opportunities that will come your way if you earn one of those online military degrees that are offering. There are quite a lot of online universities that welcomes military students and in fact, they can even give discounts on tuition fees.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Perfect RV

Do you love travelling? Isn't it always nice to travel out of town or long distance with friends and family when it is comfortable. I remember my whole family embarked on an 8 grueling hours of travel up north one summer to visit my relatives and it was a major boo-boo for all of us.

I guess it's no good to travel with little kids and be cramped in a small van because you'll be uncomfy while travelling. I guess we need a bigger vehicle just like those RV and for sure we'll have the best travel ever. I know getting one means a bigger budget and getting an rv insurance quote is a must but if you travel a lot then this kind of vehicle is worth to have.

Invest in Enamel Cookware

Recently, I found the joy in cooking and have been cooking meals for my family. I love to cook dishes with sauces and I'm actually looking for more recipes that I can cook in the future. I've also wanted to buy good enamel cookware so that I'll be more inspired to cook. Aside from that it's of good quality and it's a good investment.