Friday, September 17, 2010

Comfy Suelas Shoes

So I was in the hunt for the perfect comfy flat shoes for myself since I'm not really comfortable wearing high heel shoes or wedge shoes lately as my feet hurts most of the times. I love walking with flat shoes especially when I'm shopping and don't you know that it's a great fat burner? Oh yes it is, you'll burn calories while walking and climbing stairs instead of using the elevator.

Anyway, I posted about the sale on sole sister shoes last time and I was suppose to order but I was taken aback because of the garter on the ballet flats. I was scouring multiply sites once again and found these SUELAS shoes and with the testimonials that I read on different blogs and their customers I wanted to order. Lots of comments like it is comfy for shopping and travelling made me want to purchase.

I looked at the catalogue and I wanted to try one pair, maybe the red color but when I'm about to order, I found out that paypal payment is not available. :( . I texted the owner and hope they can consider this mode of payment bec. it's hassle for me to go out at pay at the bank.

Anyway, if you want to buy Suelas shoes check out their site

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