Thursday, September 16, 2010

Go Shopping

If you have 20 million dollars after winning lotto, what are the things that you want to buy for yourself or for your family? Lots would say that they go shopping for all the things that they want like shoes, clothes, high-tech gadgets, cars and more. I guess for me I’d go shopping of course and I’ll buy new DSLR cam, iPhone, i-Pad and other gadgets. I’d also travel as much as I can and put some on my bank.

Giving to the church and investing is a good move as well. You can put up a business as an investment. There are lots of gold coins and other metals that are worth investing and you can inquire at US Gold Bureau bec. I read they are one of the leading sources of gold for investments. You can also give some to charity or to all those that are needy.

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