Friday, October 29, 2010

Shopping on Black Friday and Gold Shopping

Black Friday is coming and I know that some of my friends will be shopping once again. Why not? They can get lots of good deals and bargains during this time. For sure there’ll be lots of shoppers lining up at their favorite stores like Coach, Target, GAP, Old Navy and others stores to get some loots. How’d I wish I can do the same.

While some shopaholics will be busy with their shopping, on the other hand, investors and collectors will busy to collect or buy gold and gold coins. A great buzz about how gold is a good investment has been hovering in the business world and for this reason, they see this as a good opportunity to invest right now. If you love gold in form or jewelries, I know that gold coins and its other forms will also charm you. Just make sure you’ll inform yourself by reading good info at US Gold Bureau.

Win Fabulous Prizes at's Blog Contest

Faye of is so generous once again to her friends and blog readers. She's holding another contest at her blog and it seems that many are already joining because of the prizes.

I personally love that Fossil watch and hope I can bag the contest this time. The Contest ends on December 18, 2010, and winners will be raffled via Check out for the mechanics HERE.

Prizes are:
1st prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
2nd prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
3rd prize -Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Robinsons Dept. Store's Warehouse SALE: until November 8

Check this out shop-aholics! Robinsons Dept. Store's Warehouse SALE is only until November 8, 2010. Grab this chance to get lots of discounted items at up to 70% off on items from Nike, Reebok, Timex and more. Bags and other home outlets are on sale.

Located at 4/F Robinsons Galleria Branch between Timezone and Jamaican Patties.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Right to Return Defective Items and File DePuy Lawsuit

As a consumer, we always have the right to complain on the products that we bought found defective. All malls and stores usually don’t have the right to reject a consumer complaining and wanted to change or even get her money back from their products that are substandard.

On your part, you should always see to it that you keep all your receipts just in case you need to change the item, as all stores require them. Try to replace the item within 7 days at the store upon purchasing, as it will be easier for you to complain about the item.

Not only products that you purchased can be complained. Medical procedures are also very delicate and should be done perfectly and if problems arise, we also have the right to complain and take legal action. Johnson and Johnson have recalled thousand of hip replacement systems for they are found defective and many patients suffered various problems after the surgery.

If you had undergone a hip replacement between 2005 and 2009 and suffered swelling, pain, dislocation of the implant, then you can file Depuy Lawsuit  so you can claim damages. O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath law firm have experienced lawyers that will help you in this legal action. Contact them right away if you’re suffering from DePuy hip replacement.

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

SM Savemore Market 5 Day Sale

Hurry, you can still catch this mega sale at SM Savemore Market 5 Day Sale till Oct. 31, 2010. You can save at up to save up to 80% on every Value Pack This promo is only exclusive to members of SM Advatage and Prestige cards and BDO cardholders.

This promo is valid only at SM Savemore Market P.Tuazon (Quezon City), Jaro1 (Iloilo City), Parkmall (Cebu) and Libertad (Bacolod) branches. Shop now and get a lot of savings. Now that Nov.1 is coming shop for items that you'll be bringing at the cemetery.

Sexy Savings at Victoria's Secret

Check out Victoria's Secret now for they have Sexy savings on sweaters, corduroys and more. You can save 20- 50% off on your fall essentials as it can warm you on the chilly days of fall. Check out these nice comfy sweaters and choose among the different styles and colors that you desire.

They have lace boat neck sweaters, turtle neck thermals to silk cashmere sweaters.

Gold Jewelries and Gold Bars

A lot of women love gold jewelry for they can exude elegance and style. There are about just so many different styles of accessories that gold can be made out of. From simple ring to fabulous necklace, all of them can add beauty to any woman who wants to accessorise the way they look.

I’m not a necklace person but it would be nice to wear a gold necklace studded with crystals or diamonds. That for sure is worth an investment and something to show off. While others are into gold jewelries, some women and that also includes men, can consider gold as an investment. Gold as we all know has a great value even before the old century. Gold coins, gold barsand bullion are used as money in trading and can be a symbol of wealth.

Gold will never go out of style whether it’ll be a in a form of jewelry or not.

Hot Tub Covers on Sale!

More people are buying hot tubs for their homes as they see it very convenient to have one rather going out to the spa just to relax. As hot tub owners, you also need to take care of it so that it will last for a long time. Cleaning it every now and then will insure that you'll be soaking in a clean water that is free from mold and other contaminants.

If you also own hot tub, it is imperative that you buy a hot tub cover to keep it from being contaminated by pollutants and also safety at home when you have kids. Check out the available hot tub cover sales online and get a lot of deal.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Esprit De Noel Pre-Christmas Bazaar

Hey there shoppers, mark your calendars already for the biggest pre-Christmas bazaar of the year is here to come.
WHAT: Esprit De Noel: pre-Christmas bazaar
WHEN: November 20-21, 2010 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM
WHERE:A-venue Hall Makati ave. Makati City

Check out more details and for a chance to win an iPhone as well.

Just sharing you another great shopping event coming this month and I'm sure you'll be itching to shop and get ready for the holidays. In the meantime, I need to check on this acne medications that I saw online. Dear teenage niece is so worried about her face lately so I have to help her. You know, teens are very vain when it comes to their faces aside from the way they dress up.

If we have time in November, we'll check out this Esprit De Noel: pre-Christmas bazaar, so see you there!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pests Free Homes

Our homes are our haven and a place where we can feel safe and comfortable but what if one day you’ll find your house not a safe place anymore because of pests infestation. It’s not a very good scenario to see but there are household owners who thought that their house is safe but underneath those cabinets and walls, pests are already creeping in. Cockroaches, silverfish, termites, mosquitoes are just some of them that can damage our homes and can carry diseases as well.

We need to inspect our homes once in a while for pests infestation and one of the best way to combat them is to hire a professional help. Bulls-Eye Pest & Termite Control, a Houston pest control, company that offers termite, fleas, rodents and other pests control services. With experienced and skilled pest controllers, they can control those pesky pests that can pose danger to your house and even to you health.

Don’t have second thoughts of hiring them when you think that you’re house is in danger of pests damage for living in a pest free home is like heaven.

Celebrity Fashion Secrets: Sun-less Tanning

Celebrities need to reinvent themselves once in a while and some celebrities do it through fashion. You’ll see them one day with sweet, prim and proper image then all of a sudden became a little wild for a change. Some celebs can pull it off while others just look like they are trying to hard. I guess they need to do these so that their fans will not get bored with their looks.

Majority of the female celebs are experimenting on their hairstyles and makeup. They can go from wavy and flowing hair to super straight hair. Doing so will make them look more interesting and fans love that. Fair-skinned celebrities can also be tan in just matter of days without even sunbathing in Malibu or Bali. Those tanning beds and putting on a tanning bed lotion are one of the quickest way they can get their glowing golden brown tans quickly.

So the next time you see your fave actress with a tan just imagine her being sprayed or in a tanning bed to get those exotic tan color.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christian Louboutin’s ivory satin peep-toe platform pumps

Women always love shopping and now that shopping season is about to come, we should never forget to drink our vitamins so we’ll have some energy falling in line and going to different stores esp. on Black Friday.
If you can wait for Black Friday shopping, check out this Christian Louboutin’s ivory satin peep-toe platform pumps at NetAPorter . Aren’t this shoes remind you of fairy tales , princesses and wedding days? I know you can’t wear them while your shopping for hours for your feet will kill you.

This shoes is 5.5 inches with 1 inch platform that is ready to wow anyone.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gold Coins and Marc Ecko Prez Gold Watch

I’m a certified watch-a-holic and I have to say that I was in admiration when I saw this Marc Ecko Prez Gold Watch online. Aside from the already stunning gold color, this watch is never to be ignored because of the 1,454 set stones of Swarovski crystals embedded on it. A sure head turner and a precious piece of watch than can be collected. This limited edition watch and priced at $4,000 and can be purchased only at David Morris Stores in the UK.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Great Deals on HP Laptops: HP Pavilion dv6t series

Oh my goodness, everytime I see HP laptops, I wanted to replace my DELL laptop since HP is really my 1st choice in computer/laptop brands. Since HP is a bit expensive at the time that I was buying a laptop I still bought the Dell one which is also a good brand.
Here's a great deal for HP Pavilion dv6t series. This is selling for $779+ at and it has free laptop memory upgrade if you purchase it.

Here's the specs:
* Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
* FREE Upgrade to 6GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)
* FREE Upgrade to 640GB 5400RPM Hard Drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
* Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-460M Dual Core Processor (2.53 GHz, 3MB L3 Cache) with Turbo Boost up to 2.8GHz
* Intel(R) HD Graphics [HDMI, VGA] - For Dual Core Processors
* SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-R/RW with Double Layer Support
* Dolby(TM) audio + Altec Lansing speakers

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Xbox 360 Splinter Cell: Conviction Special Edition Bundle

Xbox from Microsoft has come a long way. It's successor xbox 360 has been one of the most popular video game console to date aside from its rivals Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii. Kids and even adults are actually getting addicted on playing games on their xbox. In fact, my nephew wants to upgrade to xbox 360 and also wished to have new xbox games and other xbox accessories for Christmas.

What makes it exciting is that there's xbox 360 consoles and bundles available and all you have to do is have fun while playing their games. This xbox 360 Splinter Cell: Conviction Special Edition Bundle has integrated 250GB hard drive, HDMI connectivity and more. Xbox 360 also has this Xbox Live service wherein players can play and compete with other players online thus making it more fun.

This is also a perfect gift idea for Christmas. Selling for $300+ on many stores.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ed Hardy Handbag, Hearts & Flowers Satchel

At last, a document scanner software at a much lesser cost is available in the market today to help anny business run smoothly and efficiently. A friend of mine who needs it, finally found the answer and now she can relax and have more time to shop.

I hope this post will make her drool as she loves bags so much. Anyway, here's an Ed Hardy Handbag, Hearts & Flowers Satchel that I found over at MACY. Ed Hardy is known for his tattoos and a signature tattoo style graphics was incorporated in this bag.

Made with PVC, with double handles and detachable adjustable shoulder strap. Spacious inside and sold for $198, a little bit pricey but it's ok. Available in 2 colors black and pink but I guess I go with the pink one that can attract some attention.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sweet and Seductive Lace Tops from Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret never fails to amaze me with all the latest fashion and great deals that they are coming up every now and then. Here are just some of the sexy lace tops, which are definitely “in” this fall. Sold for $39.50.
Aside from that, I found myself browsing about life insurance and it made me appreciate to value my life even more. It’s really help to scour the net for all types of information.

Monday, October 4, 2010

SALE alert: 2010 Sephora Collection: Endless Color Blockbuster

Christmas shopping has started for some and I guess it's really not too early to start buying items that you can give as gifts. There are many gifts that you can give to your girl friends or even to yourself. There are lots of beauty products that are coming up these days, you can choose deep wrinkle filler, new lipstick and even this Endless Color Blockbuster from Sephora.
Actually this Endless Color Blockbuster, which is originally valued at $435 is on SALE for only $48!! What a great steal isn't it? So if you love make up, you should not miss this. Perfect gift for Christmas as well.

To avail of the promo: Enter BLOCKBUSTER code upon check out at!
The set contains:
- 98 totally original, iridescent effect eyeshadow shades
- 70 shiny lip glosses
- 6 cream eyeliners
- 2 lip liners
- 3 eyeliners
- Mascara
- 4 applicators

Ann Taylor's Sheer Top Silk Sheath Dress

Each year and every season, new fashion trends are coming up and going but the little black dress is classic and every woman needs to have her closet. It is something worth buying for it is timeless and can be worn in many different occasions.

Just wear different accessories, shoes and bags that can bring the elegance of the dress. Aside from that, black can give a nice silhouette and can flatter almost any woman's shape or size. Just in case you're reading appetite suppressant reviews online to fit on a sexy dress, try to buy a black dress if you can for it can somewhat hide your flaws.

This Ann Taylor's Sheer Top Silk Sheath Dress available at for $198.

Christmas Bazaar at Bellevue Manila on November 13 and 14, 2010

It’s the season to go shopping. And it’s no ordinary shopping as holiday bazaar goes to The Bellevue Manila in Alabang.

The Four Seasons Christmas Bazaar at The Bellevue Manila redefines holiday shopping with the best finds in the posh location. It will be held on November 13 and 14, from 9:00 am until 7:00 in the evening.

As a Christmas bazaar, the Four Seasons Bazaar will showcase a wide variety of products such as clothing, shoes and handbags, jewelry, home wares, arts and crafts and Christmas decors, toys and food items and a lot more. Aside from these “must haves,” the bazaar will also delight shoppers with unusual gift items perfect for friends and family.

The Four Seasons Christmas Bazaar is envisioned to be a real shopper’s mini paradise, with many beautiful and unique items at relatively inexpensive prices. Shoppers can enjoy 20% food discount at all Bellevue F&B outlets… plus a chance to win lots of raffle prizes including Buffet for 2 at Café D’ Asie or Overnight stay for 2 at The Bellevue Manila Hotel.

So mark your calendars… for a stress-free, relaxing and absolutely pleasurable bazaar shopping experience!

For inquiries, contact (02) 771 8181 (Lobby Shop) or email

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gold and Gold

Gold and Gold

There's no doubt that many women love gold. Whether it be gold jewelries or gold outfit, gold will surely holds a place in every woman's heart. Just take for example this lovely set of gold attire, I love this Herve Leger Signature gold Bandage Dress and that Lady Dior Metallic Gold Classic bag will add more glam on your attire. Perfect for special occasions and for sure you'll end up being noticed all throughout the night. Add a nice and elegant piece of jewelry to add some spice.