Thursday, October 21, 2010

Celebrity Fashion Secrets: Sun-less Tanning

Celebrities need to reinvent themselves once in a while and some celebrities do it through fashion. You’ll see them one day with sweet, prim and proper image then all of a sudden became a little wild for a change. Some celebs can pull it off while others just look like they are trying to hard. I guess they need to do these so that their fans will not get bored with their looks.

Majority of the female celebs are experimenting on their hairstyles and makeup. They can go from wavy and flowing hair to super straight hair. Doing so will make them look more interesting and fans love that. Fair-skinned celebrities can also be tan in just matter of days without even sunbathing in Malibu or Bali. Those tanning beds and putting on a tanning bed lotion are one of the quickest way they can get their glowing golden brown tans quickly.

So the next time you see your fave actress with a tan just imagine her being sprayed or in a tanning bed to get those exotic tan color.

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