Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Manila Bazaar Schedules December 2010

Christmas is so near and if you haven't finish your Christmas shopping then here's a list of bazaars that you can go to this December. Just go to the venues early to avoid lots of shoppers. Enjoy shopping and Merry Christmas!

Manila Bazaar Schedules December 2010

Date: Dec 9-22 (Thurs-Wed) except Sundays
Venue:G/F Parking Area of GA TWIN TOWER 1, EDSA, Boni, Mandaluyong City

Date: Dec 1-30 (Wed-Thurs)
Venue: Open Parking Lot, PAGCOR, Paranaque City

Dec 17-23 (Fri-Thurs)
Venue:Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio, Commonwealth Ave., QC


Date: Dec 15-17 (Wed-Fri)
Venue: Northgate Cyberzone, Filinvest, Alabang

Date: Dec 18-19 (Sat-Sun)
Venue: Greenmeadows Village Clubhouse & Basketball Court, QC

Date: Dec 18-23 (Sat-Thurs)
Venue: World Trade Center, Pasay City

Date: Dec 18-19 (Sat-Sun)
Valle Verde 1 Clubhouse Basketball Court, Pasig

Gold Coins

I've been meaning to buy gold bracelets for quite a while now and I'll not have a problem as my sister is in Riyadh to buy it for me. You see, there are tons of gold jewelries that they can buy in many gold stores there and that only problem that I know they'll encounter is that they'll have a hard time to pick which designs they'd choose. I prefer those bracelets with charms like hearts, shoes or half moon.
Gold has been so appealing for many and for centuries already, gold holds its value in the market and they've known to be so precious as many people are buying them in many different forms. It can be in form of jewelries, coins, bullion and more.

As much as I wanted to buy those coins, budget is keeping me from doing that.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Glass Mosaic Tiles at Affordable Prices

My sis and other friends are into home renovation lately. Sis is turning her kitchen into a beautiful place to prepare foods and they're going to place some glass mosaic tiles as backplashes. I have seen lots of modern kitchen using tiles as accents for the kitchen, bathroom and other areas in the house.

There are lots of colors and styles of glass mosaics that you can find online and prices depends per sq. ft. .

Friday, December 10, 2010

Be Warm withVictoria's Secret's Sweaterdress

Is the cold winter season making you feel sluggish and so lazy to dress up for the occasion? Be sexy and feel warm with this sweaterdress from Victoria's Secret. It is made of rayon/nylon and with a turtleneck style and body hugging cloth. To add accent on the dress, it diamond patterns on sleeves and on neckline.

The model sure give justice to the dress. 
VS models are skinny and too sexy. Yay!

Banana Taipei Bags

While I was searching for term life insurance rates online for my brother, my attention was caught by this Banana Taipei Bags. They look like a Birkin bag, only that it has been printed on the bag itself. It comes in cute colors like green, blue, pink and orange. I know bagaholics will be buying one of these asap.

I've been reading good reviews about this bag and I guess this one is worth buying. I guess it's selling for Php 4,000 here in the Philippines. Check out their facebook account (search for

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wizard Of Oz Stretch Charm Gold Bracelet

I love ETSY for I can find lots of handmade items at an affordable price. The craftsmanship is also something to take note of. Take a look at this Wizard of Oz Stretch Charm Gold Bracelet from allthingsyummy seller at etsy. It has gold plated links with beautiful red enamel Ruby Slippers and Wand charm. This is a perfect gift for yourself or for girlfriends.

If this gold plated bracelet doesn’t appeal to you, you can opt to buy gold coins as a collection or an investment. You can easily purchase them at US Gold Bureau. These days, gold are very appealing and a good investment either in form of jewelries or coins.


With all the gadgets that's coming out in the market, I founf cellphones to be most used and bought by consumers as people want to communicate faster and easier. I myself been torn what cellphone that I'll buy to replace my old Nokia phone.

There's so much to styles and brands to choose from and this htc desire Z Smartphone launched this latest version of Android phone. Users can easily get access their documents, contacts and calendars plus they can watch movies or Youtube as well.
1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
HSPA connectivity and Bluetooth
480 X 800 WVGA high-resolution 3.7" screen
download speeds of up to 14.4 Mbps

Monday, December 6, 2010

Greatest Gifts under $100 from COACH

If chromium polynicotinate is known to be a miracle mineral and good for the health, I guess these items from COACH can be great gifts for your girlfriends this Christmas.

If you're on a tight budget check out this Coach items that you can purchase under $100. I;m sure your friend will be delighted to have these
1. Poppy perfume for $60.
2. Poppy Purse spray $38

You can find more gift items at COACH.COM

Thursday, December 2, 2010

White Space Market in Makati

Combat Boots Fashion for Men and Women

Who says that combats boots can only be worn by our courageous men in uniform? Fashion has been using combats boots for a while and guys need not get the best muscle building supplement just to look masculine in it. Be stylish , be unique and wore this season.

These days, not only men can pull off this style because women can also be glamorous and stylish by pairing it with skinny jeans or jeggings and long sleeve polo shirts.
c a s u a l s a t u r d a y

BPI Installment Madness, November - December 2010 at Glorietta

Hey there shopper avail of this promo from BPI: BPI Installment Madness. Now, you have more chance to shop at real 0% installment using your BPI Card. This will be on November 24 - December 12, 2010 at Glorietta Activity Center in Ayala Center, Makati. More shoppers will be out in the malls these coming days while many stores and malls will be having sale as well. If you're looking for electronic equipments, gadgets and so be sure to check out this.
Participating Dealers:
Abenson . Accent Micro . Ambassador Appliance . Anson's . Automatic Centre
Electroworld . Silicon Valley . Sogo Home & Office Center . Western

Real 0% interest is applicable on selected items and terms.
Promotional S.I.P. limit is subject to BPI parameters.
If you don't find something there, you can stroll the whole Glorietta for you can find clothing, home accessories, furniture and even creatine at specialty stores. Be sure to be on the lookout for more sale at many stores.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nutrisystem Review

Living healthy and fit is what we are always achieving for in our life. Some are dieting by skipping meal, doing this is not healthy at all. There are many health plans that are sprouting everywhere, dieters and those that wanted to lose weight can now have lots of options to choose that can suit their lifestyle. Nutrisystem is one of the most popular diet plans in the US and here's a nutrisystem reviews that you can read and peruse.

Contemporary Baptismal Invitations

One of the best things that any couple can experience is having a baby. Having a bundle of joy in their life can bring so much happiness and blessings in their life. Babies are gift from God and they are just adorable. If you're looking for Baptism invitations, there are actually lots of invites that you can order online with sleek designs and style. This kind of invites can be ordered for $9.99 at 8 pcs.