Saturday, January 22, 2011

Havaianas 2011 Collection

Everyone think of summer as a time to hit the beach, have a vacation or just laze around with friends and family. Summer is coming here in the Philippines in few more months and I'm not sure it will be so hot just like the previous year. The weather bureau has been announcing that it will be a rainy summer for us but I'll not dismiss that the temperature will still range from 34-36C.

If the weather is nice, it's always fun to go camping, hunting with your rifle and rifle scope in tow, or trail hiking. Boracay for sure will be packed with beach goers wherein there's lots of foreigners and other tourist.

No matter what summer means to you I'm sure HAVAINAS slippers are with you. Here's the fun and colorful Havaianas 2011 Collection.

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