Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Kristin Collection from Coach

Hey there Coach lovers, check out their newest Kristin Collection. It consists of dangling necklace, bracelet, earrings and hobo bags. Splurge once in a while with a durable and quality collections from Coach and you'll never be disappointed. Check out www.coach.com now.

Now I'm drooling over the classic Kristin hobo bag!

Clinique Dynamic Duo Set

I'm still not yet done reading the home owners insurance reviews that I found interesting online because my attention was caught by this Clinique Dynamic Duo Set. Sometimes having only 1 lipstick and eye shadow set are not enough to have in our beauty kit.

I have to say that I love Clinique products and this one had me drool when I saw it online. Why not? This Color Surge Eye Shadow—all in pink and brown tones and butter Shine Lipstick in Raspberry Rush are only $30. Such a great deal.

CROCS Clearance Sale

We can't hide the fact that fake Crocs are being sold anywhere for a very low price. But why get a cheap fake when you can avail of authentic crocs for a great price? You're also assured of the great quality of the authentic once.

Check out this CROCS Clearance Sale that is actually ongoing right now. From Feb. 15- March 1, 2011, Crocs flip flops and slides will be 30% off at Crocs Glorietta. Hurry and take advantage of this sale!

Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2011 Collection for Men

Salvatore Ferragamo - Fall 2011 - Men

Here's the Fall 2011 Collection of Salvatore Ferragamo for Men that includes neutral creams and winter whites. The gorgeous models sure looks stunning and I'm not sure if they are taking epistane to help them build muscles. You know in the men fashion industry, men with beautiful abs and muscles are often talked about and are head turners.

The collection has some masculine trenches, longer jackets and double-breasted overcoats. Salvatore Ferragamo's style is chic, modern and refreshing.

Personalized Pillow case

Personalized items are the "in" thing these days. You can have almost any items personalized or customized to your own liking and preference.

I found these cute personalized pillow case from seller THEPUNKINPATCH at etsy and they can personalized your kids pillow cases. I'm sure your kids will love these as they have their names on it. I'm sure they can also make nice personalized stuff for adults and I bet you don;t even need any sleeping pills to make you doze.

Anyway, these pillow cases costs $14 each and you can choose colors of your fabric and letters are sewn for durability.

Monday, February 21, 2011

SALE: Men's Sneakers

Check out Man Alive, one of the leading sneaker stores online for great deals and sale of sneakers for men. Just some of the bran names that they have are adidas, rocawear, impulse, levis and more. I'm sure your brother and husband will be delighted to see their collections. I know there are some med who collects and love sneaker not only for their personal use but also as collection.

Aside from sneakers, they have boots, jeans and apparel, jackets, shirts and tops and lots more. It's a one stop shop for men.

Rock Sexy Fashion

Who says that rock can't be sexy?

Here's a rock sexy fashion that I found at Polyvore. Red color, high heels and skinny jeans will make you real hot sexy. Forget about how to burn belly fat for a while and just strut your stuff. Be confident because your sex appeal will just ooze and come out.

Take a look at that red hot patent-leather peep-toe pumps from Jimmy Choo. It has 5 inches heels that will make you look talk and sexy.
Rock On!!!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Stress Free Moving

We often hear from people moving from one house or place to another that moving is stressful and a lot of work. I know it’s pretty hard to start your packing and what to pack first. Before you even make yourself nuts, be organize and jot down the things that you need for packing and what to pack. Go to the nearest bookstore and buy some supplies like, packing tape, scissors, pentel pen, cutter, and big sturdy box.

At home, sort all your things and categorize your stuff. Put together all the breakables like chinas or vases all in one box. Make sure you wrap each one of them with packing papers so they’ll not break when they are in the box or while you’re shifting. I guess you already know that trick. On some boxes put all your clothes, kids stuff, other stuff and properly label them. Organizing them will make your moving and unpacking much easier. Ask a friend or relative to help you pack and don’t do it all in one day as it can be exhausting. I know it’s not an easy job but you need to be patient.

Anyway, if you’re all set to move, it can be stress free if you hire professionals to do the moving for you. For a little amount of fee, your belongings will be swiftly transferred to your new place. Moshe’s, a New York Movers can greatly help you with your moving local or international. They also offer residential and commercial moving done by their highly trained staffs. Therefore, if you’re all set to move to the next street, state or wherever, don’t fail to consult professional help.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cellphone Accessories

I reckon, most of us can't leave our homes without having cellphones on our pockets or purse. It became a necessity already over being a luxury for it makes our communication much faster these days.

Cellphones have sprouted over the years and there are actually tons of beautiful and functional cellphones available in the market for us to choose. Consumers obviously have better choices on what phones to buy plus the fact that cellphones have become more affordable even for ordinary people who wish to have a cellphone. Cell phone accessories also have wide varieties like covers, antennas, chargers and more. We can buy bluetooth so we can speak on the mobile phone comfortably even we are doing something else.

Cobra Radar Detectors

Over-speeding but afraid to get caught? Well, try not to over speed as much as you can as it may also cause danger when you're on the road. Stick to your speed limits as much as possible and if you're not sure if you're doing the right thing, try to have a radar detector if you want.

Some motorists are using Cobra radar detectors so that they'll know if a radar gun is monitoring their speed while they are on the road. They do this to avoid being apprehended and given an overspeeding ticket.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Powerbooks Chinese New Year Sale - 20% off on all items!

If you love books then don't forget this CHINESE NEW YEAR SALE from Powerbooks. There'll be 20% off on all items from February 4- 28, 2011. Check out their wide range of books that will be on sale, items marked with "x", "xp"and magazine are excepted on the sale. Books are always great to keep and give as gifts for kids and anyone who loves reading.

Discount Valentine Scrub Tops, Seasonal and Holiday Scrubs

These days, being in a medical field doesn't mean you'll be stock wearing those boring white uniforms when you're on duty. Just in case you didn't notice, medical staff, particularly nurses are wearing colorful, bright and even patterned scrubs in the hospital, clinic or other medical facilities.

To make their uniforms more exciting and fun, take a look at these discount scrubs with Valentine, Holiday or seasonal themes. Aren't they unique and fun? Just make sure you not only buy patterned but always look for quality scrubs.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bad Side Effects

It’s always fun to shop and go around if you’re healthy and able but when you’re down with sickness and battling some issues with your healthy and physical beauty then it’s no fun at all. If you have acne, I’m sure it’s annoying and often embarrassing. I remember having a zit or two in my face and I’m already not confident to talk to people. Worst if that if you have cystic or nodular acne, then I reckon they are faced with so much embarrassment and wish they don’t have that kind of problem at all.

Accutane is a drug that used to treat this kind of acne but it was later found out that it could cause severe side effects to patients. Ailments like inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis that patients acquired when they took Accutane are causing patients to file Accutane lawsuit to claim damages. It’s only but appropriate for them to file such case.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

In Search of Digital Cameras

My old Canon point and shoot cam was already broken for a month now and I'm already searching for a replacement. I still have my Canon DSLR but since I also need a cam that I can put in my bag and carry anytime that I want, so I have to buy a p&s cam.

I've been asking friends about where they bought their digi cams hoping to find a good one that will suit my budget. I'm also scouring online shops for digital cameras and there are actually nice Canon Ixus and powershot digi cameras that I found.

My sis overseas is also helping me to canvas for an Ixus and hopefully she can find me one as she's going to send another box soon.

Stylish School Backpacks

When you're a parent, you'd probably will make sure that your kids will be comfortable when they go to school. Their uniforms and shoes are the the only things that you need to consider carefully as their school backpacks also plays a major role when they go to school.

We need to find a good sturdy backpacks for your kids and of course it needs to be stylish as well as they can be picky. Just don't overload their bags with too much stuff that they can't carry it anymore. Pick a backpack or a school bag with a good zipper and handles, spacious room and it's good if it's light weight.