Monday, April 25, 2011

Various Open Source Software that are Free to Download

The Internet has lots of free downloadable software that we can use in our pc and it can make our work or daily computing much faster and more interesting when we use them. Here are just some of the many open source software.

Open Office
A recent work required me to open a document that was attached on my mail. After downloading, I clicked on the file and it can’t be viewed for I learned that it was saved using an OpenOffice Writer. The good thing is that OpenOffice is FREE to download and can be used in any pc.

Here’s what you can do using Open Office

- OpenOffice Writer- make letters, documents, reports

- OpenOffice Calc- make spreadsheets

- OpenOffice Draw, make drawings, flow chart, logos

- OpenOffice Base- manage database etc.

- OpenOffice Impress – make slideshows, webpages

- OpenOffice Math – make formulas, equations etc.

< - This is an all-in-one-chat client. If you are using different instant messengers, Fidgin can combine all your accounts into one program so you can just login only once. So if you wan to talk to Yahoo Instant Messenger, MSN Instant Messenger, AIM or IRC, just choose on the drop down menu.

- this is an open source for Telnet and SSH client and used by system administrators, developers, network engineers, IT professionals or any techie savvy

Virtual Dub

- These days, it’s easy for us to now record and share memorable moments in our lives using different devices. Virtual Dub is a free program for windows that can capture and process videos faster and easier.

VLC Media Player

This is a user-friendly media player that allows to various file formats such as DVD, VCD and CDs that can be use in Windows, Mac, Linux OS and more.

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