Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crocs Megasale at NBC Tent 2011


Hey shopaholics, don’t fail to mark your calendars for this Crocs Megasale at the NBC tent on June 9-12, 2011. Prices will be slashed at up to 90% off, so be sure to check them out.

Note: If you have Citibank credit card, just present your card and you can enter for free.

Trend Alert: Feather Earrings

image image 



One of the hottest accessories in the fashion world today are Feather Earrings. They come in wide range of colors, neutrals to bold colors that can match your outfit or personality. They are sure head turners particularly if you pair them with contrasting outfit. Bring out the funkiness in you and wear them today, at least they are lightweight when worn.

Aside from checking out the latest trends, today I found myself looking for the best creatine that can help my nephew.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Revolutionary ECHO Trimmers


Been hearing lots of man in the house complaining about how hard is it to maintain and trim the grass in their backyards. Cutting and mowing the lawn is never been an easy house job. There are times you’ll end up cutting or bruising your fingers when you try do job manually plus the fact that you’ll be mowing for several hours just to finish your backyard.

Thanks to revolutionary way of cutting your grass with the use of echo trimmers and bush cutters. It can make your work a lot easier and faster because it is lightweight and a designed for good performance. There are several models to choose from that can deliver high technology performance.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dealing With Defective Product/Medicines

We should be aware of our rights as consumers. Products found out to be defective should immediately be returned to the store to have it replaced or for a full refund. No store is allowed anymore not to accept such returns by the consumers. In case of medicines or drugs, if you feel or found out that a certain drug is making you worst than before, by no means go to your doctor and complain about it.

A recent controversy surfaced when in 2008, Topamax drug that is known to cure seizures in epilepsy is causing serious birth defects like cleft lip and palate deformities to babies. After that study and test, the manufacturer of that drug is accused and the case was brought to court. Any pregnant women are now advised to stop taking Topamax immediately and file a Topamax lawsuit because of product liability. Contact your lawyers now, if you’ve become a victim.

Friday, May 20, 2011

SALE: Dell Inspiron 14R


Avail of this price cut from Dell laptop DELL INSPIRON 14R for only P28,990.00. Offer will be available till June 15, 2011 at selected Dell resellers such as Accent Micro, Automatic Center, Electroworld, Microstation, PC Worx, TCA and Villman stores.

Intel Core i3
2GB Memory
320GB Hard Drive
1GB Graphics Card
Free DOS

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

TOMS’ Summer Collection 2011

TOM’s Summer Collection 2011

Enjoy summer by wearing one of these Toms’ shoes, they are available in wide variety of colors and patterns for men and women. TOMS’ Summer Collection 2011 consist of classic espadrilles, crocheted, cordones, wedges, botas, and more.

Oh I think I love this neon-green chrocheted classic that is selling for $58. Check out more styles at


Dress like Phippa Charlotte Middleton/ Phippa Middleton Fashion/Style

Who would ever forget the much celebrated Royal wedding in April? Philippa Charlotte Middleton, younger sister of Duchess Catherine has also been in the stardom after the wedding. Why not? Her bridesmaid gown and after wedding emerald  gown won approval from the critics. Now, all eyes are upon her and everyone is trying to find out her fashion style.

You can dress up like Phippa Middleton, in fact it’s not really hard to copy her style. Here are just some of the styles I found at Polyvore, aside from finding the document scanning services for any business that I stumbled upon.

dress like pippa middleton!!

dress like pippa middleton!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Colorful Crossbody bags from Cole Haan

image  image

I just love wearing crossbody especially when I’m on the go. I can go shopping, do quick errand and go to grocery where I need to carry bag full of stuff. Here are colorful crossbody bags that are now available at Cole Haan. Price ranges from $98- $248.

I love this Vintage Valise Marisa Crossbody and even though it’s a little pricey at $248, the vegetable-tanned goat finish and the hand-braided leather trim makes it worth it. colehaan.comimage

Snowboarding Gears

As soon as the mountains are filled with snow during winter times, many people have been gearing up to go uphill to have some fun. Aside from skateboarding, sledding, surfing and skiing, snowboarding is also one most popular activities that you can do during winter times with your friends and family.

Before even thinking of going to the snowboarding area, you need to prepare and get your gears ready. Here are just some of most important:

1. Snowboards- choose among the many different colors and pattern of the snowboards that can match your personality. There are also many brands and sizes of that can perfectly fit you and your need. Snowboarding also has different styles and the snowboard that you’ll be getting will depend what style you’re in.
2. Snowboarding goggles- these snoboarding gogglescan help protect the eyes from sunlight and certainly to see clearly when you’re in the snow to avoid any accidents. There are many brands available such as  Smith goggles, Oakley, Anon and more.

3. Snowboarding Boots-
  image image
4. Snowboarding Helmets- they can help in protecting our heads from injury when we fall or when we accidentally bumped onto another snowboarder.
image image

Aside from wearing protective gears that I mentioned above, you need to observe safety when you’re on the snow. A lot of accidents happen in the slope and before going to the steepest areas of the mountains, be sure you are skilled to do so. If you bring your kids along, always keep an eye on them.

You also don’t need to be professional to enjoy this sport, you can have fun while learning just be sure you are properly protected with your winter gears.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fashionable Maternity Dresses

Who says that you can’t be fashionable when you are pregnant? Don’t let the pregnancy and the hormones hinder you from looking and feeling beautiful when you go out with your husband or when you attend an event. All you need to do is, find the right maternity clothes that can still make you look chic and fab even though your belly is sticking out.

Here are some nice casual and semi-formal maternity dresses/clothes from Babies 'and Bellies that you can get for yourself. Don’t worry you’re still beautiful if you say you are not.

image image



Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Shaw Collection: Men’s Canvass Shoes from Cole Haan


Check out this new Summer Collection 2011 for men from Cole Haan. This Shaw Collection is composed of canvass shoes that men can wear casually while on their errands, beach, going out of town and anywhere else. Sold at for $138.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Product Liability or Defective Product

As a consumer, we have the rights to complain and return the product that we bought if we found out that it has defects on it. It is also true when it comes to drugs, we have the right to complain and of course file charges against the manufacturer because of a drug that caused harm to our health.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Of Credit and Financial Management

I guess no one wants to be in debt and not be able to pay for it. However, there are times no matter what we do; there are instances where we need to borrow money. Emergency arises when we least expect it, and one of the options is get a loan or borrow money to ease our financial burden.

We just need to be in control of what we are spending. We often heard from our friends that we should not spend more than what we are earning because we’ll just be left with major money problems in the end. Some say that credit cards are “evil” but in my opinion, they only become evil if we don’t know how to use it.

Here are some things we need to do that can or might help:
Prioritize: Know your needs. Only buy what you need at the moment and set aside savings from your earning.

Make a List: Put all your receivables and payables in writing, in that way, you know if you are on the right track.

Label: This I have heard from a financial expert. Learn how to have individual envelops and label it accordingly say for example: tuition/insurance etc.. Put money on each envelop when you have money and you’ll be amazed that you have filled out your envelops for payments and even have some extra to buy what you want.

Make a Research: or ask for help concerning your financial burden. Nothing is better is if you ask for assistance. Also, make it a point to read everything about your loan, credit standing and more.

The least thing that you can do is to hurt your credit scores and standing, If that happens, it’s pretty hard to bounce back, so as much as possible be responsible and know your responsibilities. There are websites such as Credit Sesame that have valuable information about debt management, mortgage refinance, improving credits and more.

Eastwood Citywide SALE May 13-15, 2011


Mark your calendars now peeps. Get ready for the Eastwood Citywide SALE on May 13-15, 2011 (Fri.- Sunday). You can start shopping for the coming school year now as, lots of shoes , clothing and more will be on sale.

Women’s Plus Size Clothing

Women no matter what age and body type really love to dress up and make herself beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing branded clothes, cheap clothing at dollar store or second hand store, what matters most is you feel confident and beautiful when you are wearing that clothes. Nothing is also more important  if you also feel comfortable with the kind of dress you are wearing.

These days, we often see stick thin models on the runway, commercials and print ads. The problem is; women associate beauty and being sexy to being thin. Rarely, do we see plus size women strutting because most of the times high end designers cater to petite and medium scale women.
image image
Women on the heavy side may find it also hard to look for clothing that can fit them but thanks to some designers who also include  plus size women's clothing in their line. Plus size women need to be more resourceful in finding online stores where they can purchase their clothes. Blouse House offers womens plus size tops, dresses, womens plus size shirts,  bottoms and even beach wear.

So you think plus size women can’t be fashionable? Think again. There are clothes that can hide their flaws and also go with the new trends. They also need to have an attitude for being sexy is skin deep. If you’re confident, sexiness will comes next.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Manny Pacquiao’s New Men’s Cologne MP8 “Scent of a Champion”


Manny Pacquiao, the pride of the Philippines because of his boxing ability has launched his new men’s cologne, “MP8” known “Scent of a Champion” last April 30. Manny is the one who created this scent and he said that  to include bergamot and lemon,  lavender, vetiver, nutmeg and sage.

MP8 is sold EXCLUSIVELY AT RONROBINSON | FRED SEGAL for $55 or at his online store. Buy it here:

Robinsons Back to School Sale May 13-15, 2011


Aww, it’s sad to note that summer will be over soon and kids will be back to school once again.

Hey there parents take this chance to buy your kids school uniforms and other stuff for the coming school year as Robinsons malls are having a Robinsons Back to School Sale on May 13-15, 2011. Get ready to get at up to 70% off on your items.

MAY 13, (Friday) sale will be till midnight, while on MAY 14 and 15, sale will be on regular hours.

Making Life Secure

Aside from shopping and making our homes more comfortable for our family, it is also best to get an insurance for ourselves to secure our future. We really never know what the future holds for us so being prepared is a good step.

A recent death of a local celebrity made me realize that nothing is really permanent in this world. We can go anytime and anywhere in just a blink of an eye. No matter what is your material riches are, you can’t bring that when you go. You can get insurance quotes online and can even get the best package that can suit your payment ability.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Medical Scrubs / Nursing Uniforms

It’s refreshing to see staff from the medical field like nurses and some doctors don their new colorful scrubs clothing. Finally, they have other options on what color to wear during their hospital or clinic duties. I’m sure they welcome the changes in their uniform since wearing white uniforms can be a little boring over time.

Just this afternoon, on my way to my store, a get a chance to see a nurse riding a motorbike with his violet (yes violet) scrub pants and tops. I know now that many hospitals have been embracing the new colored uniforms to their staff.

 These sets are available in many sizes: XXS-XL and guaranteed to be of highest quality. image

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother’s Day Gifts $50 and under

Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 8 already and do you already have gifts to give her on this special day? It's not yet too late because here are some Mother’s Day Gifts that are also affordable and great gifts that are $50 and under. I’m sure every mom will be tickled pink when they receive such items from you. Take you pickimage

Rainbow Vintage Silk Scarf $50 at TopShop


Beige nylon Long Champ 'Le Pliage' mini coin purse $34 at Blue Fly



MARC JACOBS 'Daisy' Eau de Toilette Purse Spray with Refill $45 at Nordstrom


Estee Lauder Signature Eyeshadow Quad $35

Sun Smart Survival Kit : Sunblock for Babies

Continues and over exposure to the sun this summer is very harmful to our skin most especially to babies. Don’t go under the sun without proper protection. Always have sunblock in the things that you’ll be bringing to the beach or anywhere else. Babies are prone to rashes and of course sun damage so protect their skins with Baby Blanket Sun Smart Survival Kit, this kit is a good sunblock for Babies.

Available in Rustan's Makati, Shangrila, Alabang, and Cebu for Php 995 (whole set)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

2011 Summer Accessories Collection from Juicy Couture

image image

image image

Summer is time to play with colors and to accessorize. Here are just some of the pretty 2011 Summer Accessories Collection from Juicy Couture ( that you can purchase $58 and above.