Monday, May 16, 2011

Snowboarding Gears

As soon as the mountains are filled with snow during winter times, many people have been gearing up to go uphill to have some fun. Aside from skateboarding, sledding, surfing and skiing, snowboarding is also one most popular activities that you can do during winter times with your friends and family.

Before even thinking of going to the snowboarding area, you need to prepare and get your gears ready. Here are just some of most important:

1. Snowboards- choose among the many different colors and pattern of the snowboards that can match your personality. There are also many brands and sizes of that can perfectly fit you and your need. Snowboarding also has different styles and the snowboard that you’ll be getting will depend what style you’re in.
2. Snowboarding goggles- these snoboarding gogglescan help protect the eyes from sunlight and certainly to see clearly when you’re in the snow to avoid any accidents. There are many brands available such as  Smith goggles, Oakley, Anon and more.

3. Snowboarding Boots-
  image image
4. Snowboarding Helmets- they can help in protecting our heads from injury when we fall or when we accidentally bumped onto another snowboarder.
image image

Aside from wearing protective gears that I mentioned above, you need to observe safety when you’re on the snow. A lot of accidents happen in the slope and before going to the steepest areas of the mountains, be sure you are skilled to do so. If you bring your kids along, always keep an eye on them.

You also don’t need to be professional to enjoy this sport, you can have fun while learning just be sure you are properly protected with your winter gears.

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