Monday, August 29, 2011

Flora Nikrooz "I'm Thrilled" Babydoll with Matching G-String

I must say that every woman needs a comfortable  lingerie in various colors and styles. Women can opt to buy cotton ones, silk, with lots of lace and other materials depending on her mood. This Flora Nikrooz "I'm Thrilled" Babydoll with Matching G-String will surely spark and spice any of your mood and I’m pretty sure that your man will love you every time you wear such. It has scalloped edge trim along a V-neckline and adjustable straps and available in charcoal grey  color.You can purchase it at for $107+.

Flora Nikrooz "I'm Thrilled" Babydoll with Matching G-String

Wearing sexy lingerie can spice up any romance no matter how big you may be, you can even read best weight loss pills reviews if you want to shed some of your fats but from wearing sexy and daring lingerie is one of the ways to jazz up your bedroom wardrobe.

Friday, August 26, 2011

RFID Blocking Secure Wallets

RFID Blocking Secure Wallets


Secure Wallet Mini RFID Blocking Leather Wallet
I'm certain that you've heard about identity theft online because crooks had access to someone else's credit cards, passport, and other identification cards. It's already alarming since we all know that some hackers and crooks are getting more high-tech in implementing their bad deeds to just about anyone. Just in case you didn’t know, our credit cards and other important identification card have this embedded Radio-Frequency-IDentification chip that allows for easy reading at the counter. However, this technology can also be used maliciously resulting to identity theft and more.

Fortunately, there are rfid  blocking wallets being sold now that can block radio waves. As a result it can prevent anyone from scanning or  reading the chip inside your cards. These wallets are quite affordable ranging from $29 and up that can provide added security to us.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Manels Footwear, Bags and Accessories at 50% off

Manel's 50% off Manel's 50% off
Hey there, bags and shoes fanatics, check out this deal from Manels at Manels Footwear, Bags and Accessories are on sale at 50% off. The deal says “ Only P200 for P400 Worth of shoes, bags, accessories, and any goods at MANELS, the country’s premier leather goods brand! That's a sweet 50% OFF valid in all MANELS Branches!”

Hurry, there’s only 26 hrs left as of this writing before the deal ends at

Consumers Has the Right to Complain or Sue because of defective Product or Medicines

As a consumer we always have the right to complain or change the item when we see that the product that we bought at the store is defective or useless when we got home. No stores are allowed not to accept returns anymore but you need to always keep the receipt because you can change the items.

Foods and medicines also need to be carefully inspected before being approved for public consumption but there are some medicines that can still pose danger to people. In fact, in recent studies, Actos, a diabetes medicine was pulled out of the market in France and Germany because it was found out that this drug has caused severe side effects to many patients. It was so serious because many patients have been filinglawsuit against the manufacturer of the drug.

This is where a product liability attorney will step in the legal process to claim compensation for the damage it has caused the patients who took the defective drug.

Charkes & Keith SALE at up to 50%


If you’ve been in the shopping roll these days, don;t forget to include the sale at Charles and Keith from August 12- 31, 2011 because you can save as much as 50% on shoes and other items. The sale will be on their Charles & Keith Robinson’s Ermita branch only.. Hurry up and fill your carts.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Powerbooks POWERSALE 2011

• Enjoy fantastic deals on your favorite books! Get up to 75% off on selected titles from July 29 to August 21, 2011. Hurry and visit the nearest Powerbooks branch now!
• All books included in the sale will be easily identifiable through color-coded discount stickers; with legend posters placed in-store detailing the discount scheme.
• Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 4925 Series of 2011

Know Where to Seek Legal Help

These days, we always strive to be healthy and fit for medical expenses are not a joke but sometimes accidents and unforeseen circumstances forced us to loan money and seek legal help. Personal injury is something that we don’t want to happen to us but in cases where you experienced that legal help is needed.

If you’re in Texas area, legal firm of O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath has an experienced lawyer that can help you with your claim legally and demand compensation due to your suffering and injuries. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Clearance Sale on Big Agnes Tents


If you love the great outdoors, then a tent is something that you need to consider having most especially if you want to go camping. Check out this Big Agnes Fly Creek Tent that's on sale right now. These tents are ultra light and are convenient to bring on camping sites. They are available in various sizes and colors and you have the option to choose for your tent needs.

These tents normally costs around $300-400+ but you can get 20% off CC Outdoor Store’s summer clearance. Hurry as it is ending soon!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Penshoppe Nationwide August 2011 SALE

I promised myself to look into the rv insurance quote that a company has e-mailed me last week as dear bro needs it already. Sometimes I forgot about small favors like that because I'm also busy with work and some online stuff. What I don’t forget is to search for ongoing or upcoming sales that I can share here in my blog.

Right now, there’s an ongoing PENSHOPPE sale nationwide. Discounts will be at up to 70% off and will end until August 21, 2011 only. There are actually lots of sale going on right now and this coming month. I have to check Penshoppe shop on weekend and hope I can grab something.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Real Estate Marketing

Just like any other business, marketing or advertising your product or services require a lot of hard work. You don’t expect a lot clients or customers to patronize or just come in to your store without advertising. You simply need not rely on word of mouth to get customers but you need to give extra effort to reach out to them.

There’s just too many ways on how to do it, putting banners, advertising on TV, print or other media and lots more. These days, we all know that the Internet has been one of the most popular ways of marketing almost anything. If you’re in real estate business, then by no means jump on the net bandwagon to do your marketing.

You can make your own website or blog, join the very popular social networking Facebook, twitter, myspace, tumblr and lots more. Almost all people and companies have been signing up and using these platforms to market their products/services. There’s even a real estate agent marketing company that can help you with your SEO (search engine optimization), web building, etc. if you don’t know where to start. Online is the place where you can be successful in so many ways, you just need to do your own research and find the right tools to succeed.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

SM Department Store Jeans Sale Aug. 2011


I’m so glad to know that this month, SM department stores will still be having JEANS SALE on great brands from Aug. 1-31, 2011. I was able to buy quite a few skinny jeans (lee and Jag) that worth 1,000+ for only P700- 800 last month so I guess I’ll be hoarding some new jeans to  buy soon.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Saving Money with Coupon Codes

As consumers, we always want to save money when we shop even if it’s just a dollar or so. Those bargain hunters may even cut out coupon on magazines or papers that they can use when they shop but with the popularity of online shopping promo or coupon codes are also available.

Almost all online shops are giving away deals for their customers as part of their advertisement or way to attract more customers. I for one have enjoyed shopping using promo codes and I must say that I have saved a lot. Aside from saving gas and time driving to the mall to purchase items, I got some good deals on products that I want because I can shop online without any hassle.

Coupon codes are very easy to use, you can redeem them by going to the merchant’s website and upon checkout, you’ll can just type in the code and it’ll reflect the appropriate discounts in your cart. I guess that’s the reason why many consumers are looking for coupon codes online all the time.

Thanks to websites like Dealio where you can browse heaps of coupon codes on your favorite stores like Nordstrom, Sears, Macy’s, Amazon, Bluefly, H&M, ProFlowers, and Express just to name a few. If you love shopping at Express, you can save by using this Express coupon code when you check out. Have fun shopping!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gourmet Gift Baskets

image image
image image
Gift giving is always fun but there are times we run out of ideas on what to give to someone especially if we’re going to give a gift to someone we don;t know much about. In this case, gift baskets come to the picture for they are very versatile to give. Gift baskets come in different types and one you can always opt to get those delectable gourmet gift baskets.

It can include chocolates, fruits, candies, wine and more and can come in beautifully arrangements. Now, you can give gift baskets for him, for her, for your boss, client and to all your loved ones.