Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Consumers Has the Right to Complain or Sue because of defective Product or Medicines

As a consumer we always have the right to complain or change the item when we see that the product that we bought at the store is defective or useless when we got home. No stores are allowed not to accept returns anymore but you need to always keep the receipt because you can change the items.

Foods and medicines also need to be carefully inspected before being approved for public consumption but there are some medicines that can still pose danger to people. In fact, in recent studies, Actos, a diabetes medicine was pulled out of the market in France and Germany because it was found out that this drug has caused severe side effects to many patients. It was so serious because many patients have been filinglawsuit against the manufacturer of the drug.

This is where a product liability attorney will step in the legal process to claim compensation for the damage it has caused the patients who took the defective drug.

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