Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Versace Leopard-print calf hair and patent-leather pumps ON SALE!


Leopard and other animal prints are still “in” these days and this 5” inch heels Leopard-print calf hair and patent-leather pumps from Versace can definitely make shoe-lover drool!

You will not go in deep debt because it is ON SALE for only $397.50 from The original price was $795, so you'll get it at half the price.  Go get this beauty and be a stunner at the parties!

Ahhh.. I know my shoe-addict friend will be excited to see this!

Colorful DKNY Medium Leather Strap Round Watches



Ahhh.. these colorful DKNY Medium Leather Strap Round Watches make me drool and I want to have one!! I’m a watch person so any watches will make my heart beats faster hehe.

These are on sale at Nordstrom for only $68+ from original price of $118. very affordable indeed!. You can get this for your own use or as gifts to loved ones.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Knock Out Your Holiday Shopping

Don’t you just love Christmas? It's the time for giving not just of material gift but also your love and attention. I'm one with my shopping and they are all wrapped just yesterday. Actually, I have a little bit of hard time what am I going to give this year but thankfully, I got load of ideas and found new stores where I got my gifts. What about you?
Are you done with your shopping? Well, it's not yet too late to shop for more gifts just find out what they like so you'll have an idea already. If they love sport the why not give them sports related items. Do they love smoking or just collects cigars and give them as gifts?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shopping Season is Here!!

It’s shopping season once again wahoooo!!! I have to say that I’m in my greatest shopping mood ever and not to forget my impulse buying hormones is on the kick In fact, just the other  weekend a friend showed her beautiful red bag and I immediately fell in love  with it. I could not stop thinking about it so I stopped by the mall before heading mall and look for that bag. I thought the store didn’t have that style but when I was about to go out of the store.. boom I saw it on the window display. I checked it and I love the beige/brown color so I bought it instantly without blinking hehe. Even bought another item as well. I was a bit nervous about my quick purchase, I was signing the  receipt and it looks like it  was printer on a high quality thermal printer like that of Epson TM-T88V  .

I was so happy when I got out of the store and could not wait to get home to see my purchase more closely. My purchase was a good one and I already used the bag that I got. Ahhhh… I wish I can splurge more but I guess I’m getting shopaholic already.

Save More on LCD TVs

It’s the time of the year once again when we always think of buying new gadgets, furniture and appliance for our homes. In fact, last year I bought several appliances like LCD TV, washing machine, refrigerator and more. I’ve been thinking of what to buy again this year and I think a turbo broiler and a blender are on my list this year aside from the new sofa that I’m wanting to buy.

Anyway, if you itching to buy LVD TV, then head over at the Source wherein you can avail of sony, lg and samsung tvs at different sizes. Buy one of these and take a high-definition entertainment at your homes. Prices ranges from $350 and up.