Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Perfect Fit

For people with missing teeth, the use of dentures is a very practical and useful thing to do. Dentures or commonly called “false teeth" is known to be used way back to the 15th century. If we have lost or missing teeth we’ll not be confident enough to smile or even talk to people so thanks to dentures for it will replace the missing pieces.

All dentures should be individually measured and fitted by a professional and registered dentist. It should fit in your mouths perfectly or else you’ll have difficulty in eating or worst you’ll have soars and will experience pain if too tight. If your dentures are loose, there’s a possibility that it will fall off bringing you embarrassment. Way back in highschool, I remember an embarrassing situation when the false teeth of my classmate fell off the ground while reciting. Almost all her classmates were laughing as she’s putting it back on her mouth.

These days, dentists have more high-tech and modern equipments in their clinic and there are more modern dentures being made. There are many types of dentures to choose from partial or full dentures. Ask your dentist’s recommendation on what is perfect for you. Your doctors also need to find a good dental laboratory like Wiand Dental Laboratory that only makes quality and precise dental prosthetics for their customers.

Friday, January 20, 2012

TOMS Ballet Flats for Spring 2012



Oh I just love ballet flats! They are my companion when I know I’ll be shopping for long hours, strolling the mall, or weekend getaway. It’s must!

With the coming of TOMS Ballet Flats for Spring 2012, my heart jumps so fast and all I think is I want them! Yay, I love all the colors and the chic designs that they will be releasing. I know that they’ll be as comfy as their other shoes have. Remember, if you buy one, you’ll be giving one pair of shoes to the needy.

Doximity for Web, iPhone and Smart Phones


There are so many apps available now for our iPhone, and smart phones. If you are a physician this Doximity app is free to download in itunes and android phone users can now use it as well. What is the good thing about this app is that you can search a specific doctor on your phone and you can connect, send message not just to him but to other doctors or your colleagues.

Doximity is bringing physicians and other medical professionals together to share their phone nos., announce the latest medical developments and more. Doctors can even get more referrals if they are using Doximity.

Manicure Using Silver Metallic or Glitter Polish



Having my nails done once or every 2 weeks is just pure bliss. I’ll just call a friend manicurist to go to our home to have my nails done and I’m just so relax once it’s finish. I usually ask her to put pussy red or dark violet on my nails but haven’t tried using a metallic or glitter nail polish just like at the picture above.

I guess, I have to show her this and the instructions for her to copy. Here’s a tutorial on how to achieve this . I found it at http://ciaobella50.com/?p=5465

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Create Beautiful Make Up

I’m actually hooked at Pinterest these days. It’s a virtual place anyone can pin or share their fave products, fashion, make up, home improvement or just about anything that you wanted to share to the community. Lately, I’m trying to experiment on make up and my hat is off to those make up artist that can really create stunning make up for women. Ahhh.. I just envy them.

I’ve been wishing that I can put a great make up for myself but I know it’ll take time, knowledge, expertise and experience to be able to master that craft. I know that some people are even enrolling on beauty schools where you can hone your craft and learn more techniques. If you want a career in beauty then why not enroll now.

Easy and Cheap Way to Organize Your Make Up Brushes

I’ve been looking around my small stash of make up accessories and I’m thinking of organizing them soon for they are all stuck up in a make up bag. I guess they can’t “breathe” and they need a break hehe. I found this cool way of organizing your make-up brushes using stuff that you can see at your home. Just find an old or new clear glass and fill it with colorfill. To make it more cute, add some ribbon and put some flowers.. put your brushes upside down and voila your make up brushes are organized already.

Motorcycle / Street Fashion and More

These days, motorcycle jackets have become so fashionable that many women are purchasing them and putting them in their wardrobe. Here are examples of leather motorcycle jacket that can be paired with boots and jeans. This attire can already make head turns and is rockin’.
You cannot destroy me!

I’m also drooling over this motorcycle jacket perfect to give you warmth and also good protection while you are on the road.   If you always ride your motorcycles, be sure that you always wear proper attire: jackets, knee and elbow pads, boots, and of course helmets. It’s always better to be equipped with proper gears as the road can be dangerous.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Personalized 1st Birthday Gifts for Girls

Baby girls are always cute and gift from heaven. It’s also always fun to buy stuff for girls for there are many things to choose from. If you have a baby, godchild or know anyone who’s turning 1 then I’m pretty sure you’ll be scouring the stores to find the perfect gift again.

To save you time and to you give lots of ideas on what to give on their special 1st birthdays then here are 1st birthday gifts for girls that you can choose from. Customized or personalized items are very “hot” these days and perfect gifts so don’t be left behind.

Here are some samples:
musical globe, plush blankets, Baby Alphabet Quilt, Pajama Bears, Plush Baby Elephants and more from Personal Creations.com.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long Champ Le Pliage Cuir Handbag

If you’re a Long Champ Le Pliage fanatic then this new Le Pliage® Cuir will surely make your heart beating fast. Le Pliage® Cuir  line is made of mix-raced leather  of lambskin and goat and has synthetic Jacquard lining with horse motifs. It is available in 8 colors :

black, red, taupe, natural, orange, cyclamen, navy and turquoise

This Le Pliage® Cuir  handbag can be worn on shoulders or a crossbody.

Dimensions :
25x23x16 cm
10x9x6¼ inch

Price: USD 490.00 at longchamp.com

Images from: www.longchamp.com

Friday, January 13, 2012

A dash of Orange

peach, contest: hanneli

This year Tangerine Tango is the color for 2012 and to upgrade my wardrobe, I plan of including a dash of orange on my closet. It will surely jazz up my outfit. I also love the soft chiffon fabrics that I always see in the stores.

Replacement Rechargable Batteries

There's no doubt that majority of people are using digital cameras using either point and shoot or the DSLR cameras to capture photos. It's also best to always buy a spare battery so you'll not worry if your battery will die in the middle of an important event. It happened to me so I learned my lesson, I always bring extra battery just in case. You can purchase canon, sony, makita batteries and other brands online at The Source.

Not just on digital cameras for they carry rechargable batteries of various brands and for your laptops, digi cam and other gadgets.