Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Personalized Digital Gift Cards: Another Great Way to Give and Receive Gifts

It’s no secret that I love shopping. The sale sign and the gorgeous displays of stores simply make me excited. If money is not an issue, I could probably shop ‘till I literally drop on the floor because of tiredness…haha but that is simply not feasible. These days, shopping is more fun and easy with the advent of online shopping for many years already. Just imagine shopping in the comforts of your home, in front of your pc and just few clicks on your mouse. Of course, you need to have credit card, paypal or other means of payment to check out your goods. At times it’s hassle free shopping but of course, nothing can still beat shopping physically in stores.

Another thing that shoppers become excited is that when they get great discounts using coupons or codes. I myself am a fan of these coupon codes. In addition, what about gift cards? They are a great gift for friends and relatives for they can use it to shop at their fave stores but sometimes they hate having to use physical gift cards that can be bulky inside their wallets. There are also times that their cards get lost.

Shoppers need not worry for there is a new gift card making waves lately. Personalized digital gift cards are perfect to send to your friends or relatives as gifts via e-mail or Facebook. Sending a digital gift card via gift rocket is fast and easy. You can choose what establishment you want, the recipient then can redeem their digital gift cards right away via their PayPal account, bank account transfer, or paper check and they can use it to pay. The recipient doesn’t need to carry any physical gift card anymore and safer to carry than cash. 


Say for example, you choose Best Buy gift cards; gift rocket will send the money through paypal etc. that the recipient can use at Best Buy. You can also choose among various categories such as restaurants, bars, spas, shopping, night life, food, and hotels & travel just to name a few. 

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