Friday, March 30, 2012

Discounts on Apple, Dell etc Laptops

I’ve been using my Dell laptop for over 2 years now and there are times I wanted to upgrade to a much faster and latest laptop in the market. Been scouting for some good deals at our local shop but it seems it has high rocketed in the last few days.

As usual, online browsing helps a lot and thankfully and I found discounted apple laptops at pricegrabber. I’m thinking of getting myself an Apple Macbook soon to replace my Dell. I just need to save because my budget a little low right now.

If you’re buying one or replacing your old laptop, check out Pricegrabber so you can compare prices and deals.


SM (MOA) Mall of Asia’s Big! Big! Summer Sale 2012!


Ahhh.. this is what I’ve been waiting for..! Hey shopaholics, go to MOA now! They are having a 3-day sale from today March 30 – till April 1, 2012. Prices will up slashed at up to 70% off of course on selected items only.

Be sure to come early so you can pick the best items and not the left-overs. See you there!

Coffee Grinders: Handy Tools for Coffee Lovers


For coffee lovers just like me, nothing beats a warm coffee each morning to start my day. Not to mention my coffee for snack or sometimes after dinner. Coffee has certain aroma and taste that make me and other coffee lovers want to have it all the time.

It’s also best to have a freshly made coffee and to do so, the help of a bunn coffee grinder is the best choice. It’ll make your coffee-making for creative, fun and of course the best ever than an instant coffee.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fashion and Style: Kate Middleton in Colored Jeans

Even before Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge, she’s always in the eyes of the critics and fashionistas. Many admire her sense of style and fashion and I have to say that I liked it as well as it is simple, neat and very classy. We have seen how people were eager to see her wedding dress and eventually were wowed with the simplicity and elegance of it. The way she dresses up shows her personality and how classy she is.

Here’s a casual Kate Middleton in coral- pink jeans and a navy blazer worn in a sporting event. Love it!



Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sending Flowers Online

Shopping online is very common these days for it can be hassle free at times. We can shop for clothes, shoes, bags, make-up and almost all items that we can think about. Sending flowers online is great as well for there are many flower shops where you can send flower arrangement of your choice without having to go physically at their stores.

Do check out EZ Bloomers as they have wide array of floral arrangement for any occasions. Say it with flowers and cheer someone on their birthday, anniversary, and other special occasions.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

SM Advantage Card Member’s Exclusive Discounts Online




SM Advantage Card members can also have a great deal online. SM department store is offering their SMAC member to get 50% off on their shopping.

Just visit their site to know what items or products that are on sale and get great discounts. Choose the deal that you want to buy, print the voucher, and go to the store with the voucher and your SM advantage card at the branch that you have chosen and get your product.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lauren Conrad's Street Style

Lauren Conrad Street Style

Celebrities are often at the watchful eyes of their fans, as if they are having back ground check on their private lives all the time. I know that some celebrities love attention that they get and would even expose themselves to media sometimes doing silly stuff just to be in the headline or in the news. Celebrities are also noticed by fashionistas, paparazzi following them every where they go.

Here’s the street style of Lauren Conrad. Simple and comfy and you can easily copy it. I love her white tee and the leather belt, perfect for quick errands.