Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Toms Summer Collection 2012





We all love summer for we can hit the beach, show some skin, walk in out shorts, maxi dresses, sunglasses, hot and just have some fun. One of the comfiest shoes ever is TOMS. Check out TOMS SUMMER COLLECTION for a fun, bright and colorful pair  at

Music Schools in Manila

A nephew just finished his short course in playing the guitar and I guess he has improved. Aside from that he gained experience and self confidence in playing the guitar in front of many people during his recital in in April.

I’m sure many of you are interested in playing an instrument and one of the easiest way is to enroll in Music schools. Instructors will guide you step by step. If you love playing the guitar, drums, or any kind of instruments, you need to explore and be adventurous.

Here are just some of the music schools in Manila.
Park Avenue, Robinson’s Galleria
Teaches: Voice/Piano/Violin/Guitar Lessons/ 14 K music program for kids 8-12 years old/Musiktheatre for Teens 13- 17 years old

455-A Gen. Vicente Lim St San Juan MM
Teachers are from UP Conservatory of Music.
Courses: Piano, Voice, Drums, Electric Guitar/Bass, Guitar, Violin, Recorder

Diliman, Quezon City (they have programs for 4 years old and up)
Tel. Nos. 981-85-00 loc. 2628 & 926-00-24

Tel No :4061611 loc 8246/ 7314022

Ground Floor, Yupangco Building
339 Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City
Telephone Nos. 890-0022; 899-9595 ext. 108; 109; 110
Telephone Nos. (School) : 897-9692 or 899-9595 ext. 202

Monday, May 28, 2012

Gold Coin Bracelets

I just love bracelets as part of my daily outfit. I have several types of bracelets that I use depending on my wardrobe. Bracelets can be made of plastic beads, metal, silver, and even gold ones. You can buy gold coins online and make it as a collection or turn them into bracelets like these. This will sure capture anyone’s attention but do take care when you wear them in public as they can be too flashy.
Vintage US Liberty Coin Charm Bracelet Solid 22k Yellow Gold

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bobs by Skechers

Just like Tom's shoes, Skechers created BOBS, a classic espadrille to help  children worldwide. If you buy any pair of BOBS, they will donate a pair to a child who is in need. A very noble mission just like what others are doing. So the next time you buy Bobs by Sketchers, you are also participating in their good cause.

It comes in various colors and prints: Images from Price range from $38-45
Bobs - Earth DayBobs World - SpectrumBobs: Bobcat - Print PressBobs - Botanical GardensBobs World - NationBobs Chill - Recycle

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So Cute Summer Dresses

I know many of you are worrying about your annuities but set your worries aside for a while and I'm sure it will be taken cared of in the future. In the meantime, I want to share my fab finds online that I hope you might be interested in.

Since it’s summer here at our neck of the woods, I’m constantly browsing for summer outfits that I fervently wish to have in my closet and wardrobe. These dresses from caught my attention. Perfect this summer.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Robinson’s Dept. Store Campus Picks Sale


Only one more month and it’s school year once again here on our side of the planet and I’m sure lots of parents are enrolling there kids this month. My SIL is scheduled to enroll her kids and buy books by mid May. I promised to buy school surprise for my niece and nephew who’ll be grade 3 and 3rd year in highschool.

Good thing is that Robinson’s is having a Campus Picks Sale from May 1 till June 30 so we can avail of the discounts on some school stuff. I'm pretty sure that the symbol scanner at the cashiers will be scanning non-stop as customers will flock to buy shoes and other school stuff.

Friday, May 4, 2012

SM Megamall Mega 3-Day SALE


Hurry, the SM Megamall Mega 3-Day SALE starts today May 4. 5 and 6 at up to 70% off on some products!