Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hot summer trends: the military look

I recently discovered a style that I absolutely fell in love with: I am talking about the military style and camouflage patterns (Wow, that really came as a surprise since the headline gave absolutely nothing away, did it?). Anyway, I was never a friend of the military look when I was younger because I was constantly reminded of war, weapons and all that. Needless to say that it was only the guys who wore such clothing at that time. But a couple of days ago I saw a really slim and pretty girl and she wore a top with camouflage prints on it. I was instantly hooked because I absolutely loved the strong contrast between her beautiful and slender physique and the camouflage pattern which is very "masculine”. Since then, I added two garments with camouflage printed on them to my wardrobe. One is the same top as the girl had (I just had to approach her and ask where she got it from) and the other one is a belt. I just adore this above-mentioned contrast between girlish colors and the "aggressive” military pattern.

Adding military-style jewelry

Now I am on the hunt for any kind of jewelry that has the military look on it. I definitely want to add some watches that fit the military look to my collection and I have already seen some. However, I can’t decide yet which one my favorite is. If you are also interested in this look, you can find further information and also lots of pictures on this website.
Bell & Ross BR-S Ceramic Quartz 39mmBreguet Rose Gold Marine II Chronograph  ...J.W. Benson Military circa 1920's
 In my opinion, though, it would look kind of strange if one was to wear just military clothes because in the end one would look like a soldier. The combination of the military look with other styles, however, really creates a great-looking urban outfit.

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