Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Celebrities Wearing Fedora Hats


Have you remember the days when a lot of celebrities are sporting the Fedora hats? Ashley Simpson, Misha Barton, Lindsey Lohan and other celebs are seen wearing their Fedora hats. Perfect to make your outfit more outstanding and more chic. Every fashionista will surely like to have one.


Men's Panama Hats and that includes Fedora hats can look good on men too! Just take a look at those celebs, they became more hot and sexy!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Colorful Satchel Bags from Borsa Limited

A friend of mine is selling colorful and beautiful sachet bags online. I’m always tempted to buy one and if ever I’ll get a red or a yellow one. It’s available in 12 and 10””width, while the linings differ depending on the supply.

Now that color blocking is hot these days, for sure owning one of this colorful sachet bags can make your outfit more attractive.

Check out BORSA LIMITED… Facebook.com/Borsa.Limited

Fashionable Fur Coats and More

When it comes to fashion, fur coats and jackets are never left behind. Fur coats and any accessories made of fur symbolize elegance, luxury and sophistication that no fashionista can ever resist. Though there are many debates if people should still patronize or wear real furs but the fur industry for sure will never stop. People always has their own choices in life and I don’t think that no matter how we impose we still have to respect each others opinions.

Anyway, people that love to wear fur for many reasons will still buy for it can bring different warmth and style when they wear it on social gatherings or wherever they like to show it off. Winter can be brutal and harsh in many countries around the globe so they always choose the best clothing that can give them superior warmth and durability like what real furs can give.

Many stores both local and online are offering various types of fur that consumers can always opt to choose. ML Furs has been providing real fur garments that fur fanatic can always enjoy. They are modern & chic and can provide elegance and class to your wardrobe.

Some styles of fur garments to choose are: vest, coats, bolero, stoles, parkas, chubby, capes and fur jackets that come in various styles, materials and colors.  Not only they can bring warmth but style as well.

Golden Russian Sable Mid-Length Fur CoatGolden Sable Capelet
Polar White Sheared Beaver Jacket with Silver Shadow Fox TrimGreen Horizontal Chinchilla Fur Bolero

How to Wear Mint Jeans

Colored jeans have been a trend for quite a while now and I think many fashionistas have formed a liking to this trend simply because they can mix and match colors all the time.

I have coral colored skinny jeans and I’d love to buy dark green or orange if my budget permits. I also envy women who can make color blocking so easy.

I think the most challenging colors for jeans to have is this mint colored jeans that I would not think I’ll buy. Just in case you are buying one soon, here’s how to wear mint jeans. Great combinations, I never thought that mint jeans can be paired with a stripes navy blue shirt..

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fairy Hobmother and Shopping

I’ve been hearing quite a huge buzz about this Fairy Hobmother from the blogosphere. Bloggers have been posting about him (yes, he's a guy!) and only great words are spoken about him. I was intrigued so I followed him everywhere and did my own research. He is actually spreading joy and happiness to all the bloggers in a form of Amazon gift vouchers that you can use for your shopping. Yey!

Finally, he has landed here while flourishing his magic wand and contacted me. The best part is, he gave me a gifts to spend for shopping. I guess I can probably use that to get some new lipsticks, a bag or better yet a new freezer for the house. Awesome indeed! I never heard any other fairy giving bloggers a chance to shop other than Fairy Hobmother.

Right now, he is still roaming around the blogosphere trying to find more lucky bloggers who’ll leave their trail (comments) on this post. If you believe in fairies and love shopping, you’d probably don’t want to miss this chance!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Falling in Love with Fall Neutral

I've been meaning to buy a leopard flats for so long but every time I go to shops, I can't find any that will fit my wide feet and that is frustrating. I'm actually hoping to pair that with my white polo shirt but since I can't find any at the stores, I think I have to stick with my black flats for a while. 

Lately, I found myself loving fall neutrals so I'm all ready to wear my beige pants that's been in my closet for so long. I'm not really a black shirt girl so I still need to find one like this when I go shopping in the weekend. I know I can be picky at times and it gave me a hard time for I can be pickled minded at times. 

That Micheal Kors bag is to die for and I'll be jumping for joy when that bag will land on my shoulders hehe..

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What Necklaces to Choose for a Particular Neckline

Ever wondered what type of necklace to wear when you have different types of necklines? I do... There are times I wanted to make my neck the focal point in my whole attire but it seems that the necklace that I am pairing doesn't match. I found this great tip at Pinterest and I'm sharing it here:

Detailed Necklines- there's no need to wear any necklace
Open Line Neckline - necklaces should be above the neckline only
High Neckline- necklaces should be longer
Collared Neckline - necklaces should be shorter or narrower.

I hope the next time I wanted to wear a necklace it'll perfectly match my top.

Body Jewelries

Fashion trends keep evolving through the years though there are some trends that became popular in other era or time but definitely, it will be in fashion once again but with a twist. It’s like recycling the old and making a new one out of it. Shoes, clothes, bags and jewelries can complete any outfit and for those that are 100% fashionista, they’ll not let any trend pass without acquiring what’s on style at the moment.

These days, a lot of people are appreciating body piercing already. They see it as another form of art, way to express themselves, rebellion or just a way to become different from the rest. Body piercing is not for the faint of heart because it can be painful especially if you have low threshold for pain. It can also involve some health risks and not to mention, people can judge you by the way you look.

If you are considering of having your body pierced, always make sure that you are really decided to have one. Apart from that, finding a good, clean/sterilize, reliable place and professional piercer that can perform such procedure should be your utmost concern. Some extreme individuals can have their nose, ears, belly button, eyebrow, navel, tongue, private parts etc. pierced.

There are many online stores like Urban Body Jewelry that offers various body jewelries such as ear tunnels, tapers, ear stretchers, captive rings just to name a few. It’s a one-stop shop for cheap jewelry plugs and body jewelry that offers shipping anywhere in the world. If you have a piercing shop, you can get supplies from them or for your own personal use as well. For orders over $20, you can avail of free shipping already.
teal-stone-double-flare-stone-ear-plugsareng-wood-striped-ear-plugsStainless Steel Pink Ear Tunnels
If you think that body piercing and having body jewelries pierced on your body are for you, then go for it. Just make sure you’ll not regret having your body modified in the end.

Tips for Styling a Basic White Tee

I’m not really a white shirt fanatic because I prefer solid colored shirts like orange, red etc. After seeing this styling tip, I’m already thinking of acquiring basic white tee that I can pair with lots of items.

I can also paired it with my coral skinny jeans that I seldom use plus I love that style with a blazer. White shirts can definitely make a fab outfit.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Interactive Shirts: Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

This electric guitar built right into your shirts from Think Geek are way too cool! It’s like having a real playable electric guitar where you can play, rock and move. It has real rock sounds and you can adjust the volume of this. Turn the music on and you'll feel like you have a
It’s available for for kids and adults and price ranges from $9 (if it’s on sale) – $29.99. This is perfect gifts for people who loves music and just want to have fun!

Hip and Cool Modern Disney Princesses

If Disney Princesses (Cinderella, Pocahontas, Snow White, Ariel and others) are living in this modern era, they will be wearing these cool, hip, and contemporary clothing. Whoever made these designs did a great job, they all look fashionista.

Ohhh.. I love Pocahontas’ sexy style!

Images from smashingcorner.com

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2013


I love the new released Fashion Color Report for Spring 2013 by world's color authority- Pantone (pantone.com). Green, orange and red are may fave colors and it’s included in their color for spring 2013.

The top colors for women's fashion for spring 2013 are:
PANTONE 14-0446 Tender Shoots
PANTONE 14-6011 Grayed Jade
PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald
PANTONE 16-3520 African Violet
PANTONE 17-1664 Poppy Red
PANTONE 16-1360 Nectarine
PANTONE 13-0756 Lemon Zest
PANTONE 16-4120 Dusk Blue
PANTONE 12-1008 Linen
PANTONE 19-3964 Monaco Blue

The top colors for men's fashion for spring 2013 are:
PANTONE 14-0210 Tidal Foam
PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald
PANTONE 14-6011 Grayed Jade
PANTONE 16-4120 Dusk Blue
PANTONE 19-3964 Monaco Blue
PANTONE 16-3915 Alloy
PANTONE 12-1008 Linen
PANTONE 17-1664 Poppy Red
PANTONE 16-1364 Vibrant Orange
PANTONE 16-1054 Sunflower

Monday, September 10, 2012

Full Length Mirror with Jewelery Storage inside

Do you have any jewelry that is just lying around your dresser? It's annoying isn't when you can't properly organize our jewelries and other stuff in our room. Those necklaces, bracelets and dangling earrings are hard to keep for they may tangle on each other if you put them all together at one place without any separator or plastics.

This jewelry storage is perfect if you have tons of jewelries to keep organized . You may even need t slot, screws and other nuts/bolts to serve as hangers inside. If your brother is a handy man you can ask him to make a similar storage like this one for you.

Source: weibo.com via Amanda on Pinterest

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sell Jewelry / Coins Online

These days with the advent of the internet, most shoppers not only have the option to shop at their fave local stores to buy what they wanted but also purchasing online. Online shopping has been a huge trend for the past couple of years already. Entrepreneurs learned that selling online is a very good market for they can sell their products to a wide range of customers from all over the place while shoppers saw the convenience of shopping at the comfort of their homes. Shoppers and sellers are both benefiting from online shopping that is why it has boomed so much.

There are quite many online stores that any shopper can opt to choose. Literally, we can find all kinds of stuff that are sold online, even the hard to find or collector’s items. It’s a big virtual catalagoue where shoppers can see the photos, description, prices of the items and more.

Auction stores also have gone online and it is a great place where you can sell or bid on the items that you like. Just in case you have jewelries that have missing pair, broken or you are not using anymore, you can sell jewelry online  and earn extra cash. You can even sell coins or your old stuff while online bidders will bid on the items they like and the highest bidder can purchase the item.

Affiliated Auctions & Realty is an online auction company and real estate brokerage based in Florida and they offer various services to their clients like Bi-monthly catalog auctions for antiques and collectibles, real estate auctions and whole lot more.With many years in this kind of business, they will only deliver good products and services to their clients.

It’s no secret anymore that online is also a good place to sell your products to earn extra cash or purchase items of any kind.