Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Body Jewelries

Fashion trends keep evolving through the years though there are some trends that became popular in other era or time but definitely, it will be in fashion once again but with a twist. It’s like recycling the old and making a new one out of it. Shoes, clothes, bags and jewelries can complete any outfit and for those that are 100% fashionista, they’ll not let any trend pass without acquiring what’s on style at the moment.

These days, a lot of people are appreciating body piercing already. They see it as another form of art, way to express themselves, rebellion or just a way to become different from the rest. Body piercing is not for the faint of heart because it can be painful especially if you have low threshold for pain. It can also involve some health risks and not to mention, people can judge you by the way you look.

If you are considering of having your body pierced, always make sure that you are really decided to have one. Apart from that, finding a good, clean/sterilize, reliable place and professional piercer that can perform such procedure should be your utmost concern. Some extreme individuals can have their nose, ears, belly button, eyebrow, navel, tongue, private parts etc. pierced.

There are many online stores like Urban Body Jewelry that offers various body jewelries such as ear tunnels, tapers, ear stretchers, captive rings just to name a few. It’s a one-stop shop for cheap jewelry plugs and body jewelry that offers shipping anywhere in the world. If you have a piercing shop, you can get supplies from them or for your own personal use as well. For orders over $20, you can avail of free shipping already.
teal-stone-double-flare-stone-ear-plugsareng-wood-striped-ear-plugsStainless Steel Pink Ear Tunnels
If you think that body piercing and having body jewelries pierced on your body are for you, then go for it. Just make sure you’ll not regret having your body modified in the end.


  1. The only body piercing I will ever do is ear-piercing. Hahaha! And it was a decision that my parents made for me when I was a baby. :D

  2. ears lang ang kaya ng powers ko!

  3. Me too, kahit ilang butas sa tenga, basta dun lang. hehehe!