Thursday, September 20, 2012

Falling in Love with Fall Neutral

I've been meaning to buy a leopard flats for so long but every time I go to shops, I can't find any that will fit my wide feet and that is frustrating. I'm actually hoping to pair that with my white polo shirt but since I can't find any at the stores, I think I have to stick with my black flats for a while. 

Lately, I found myself loving fall neutrals so I'm all ready to wear my beige pants that's been in my closet for so long. I'm not really a black shirt girl so I still need to find one like this when I go shopping in the weekend. I know I can be picky at times and it gave me a hard time for I can be pickled minded at times. 

That Micheal Kors bag is to die for and I'll be jumping for joy when that bag will land on my shoulders hehe..