Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Shopping

Few more days and it's Christmas time once again. What a great way to celebrate it together with our family and friends. Have you started you Christmas shopping already? I already started mine 2 weeks ago already and will shop again this coming weekend. I'm trying to avoid the Christmas rush that's why I've already started buying gifts as much as possible. I'm so happy to list down all the names and gifts that I wanted to give them and I hope they will all like the gifts that I bought for them.I still need to find gifts for my brother and my uncle though and I reckon swisher sweet cigars will be a good one. Also, my brother loves to paint so a set of oil paint is a good option since he can really use them. 

I have some gifts already but our Christmas tree is not yet up. I'll try to assemble it this weekend and since I'm cost cutting this year, I will still use the old ornaments that I used last year. 

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