Friday, November 9, 2012

My Christmas Gifts Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and have you made your list already? I'm starting mine and actually I'm having a hard time coming up with new gift ideas for my friends and relatives. 

1. For my techie nieces and nephews: I can give them stuff like head phones, USB , DVD with dvd labels, an external hard disc maybe. Phone cases are great gifts too especially now that phone cases come in cute designs and patterns. 

2. For my mom, aunts or older women friends: Bags and cosmetic cases are very useful. Cosmetics and other makeup or toiletries. Spa GCs are also great. One of my aunt is a spa addict lol.

3. For bros and older guys: Hmmm probably a leather wallet, chrono watches or even personalized shirts.

4. For little kids: Toys will never be out of my list to give for they really love to get new toys for Christmas.

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