Monday, November 19, 2012

My New Kenneth Cole Reaction Sunglasses

I celebrated my birthday last Nov. 16th and as my personal tradition, I need to give myself a gift. This year, I chose to buy sunglasses even though I still have my 2-yr. old Marc Jacobs sunglasses that I bought on my birthday too 2 years ago.

Initially, I wanted a Ray-ban aviator or any Ray-ban metal glasses but too bad it really doesn’t look good on my face. Been trying those Ray-bans since early this year but it’s really not for me.Having such a very small and elongated face, I always have a hard time picking what sunglasses shape that will suit mine. Thankfully, the saleslady at SM mall in our area is so patient to let me fit as many sunglasses as I can.    

Tried some last Nov. 15 and when the saleslady told me that they’ll have SM 3-day sale from Nov. 16-18th, 2012, she told me to just come back to avail the 20% off.

So, I did! I went back on the 16th, which is my birthday and tried on few pairs again. I don’t even mind if the price is kinda out of my budget but since it’s my birthday, I can splurge a little bit. I some nice Celine Dion and the Armani sunglasses but again nothing suits my face.

After trying a lot, I end up getting this Kenneth Cole Reaction sunglasses which to my delight is not too expensive especially when I also got the 20% off at the counter and a free body bag!

I just hope the next time I buy sunglasses, a Ray-Ban or maybe a Police sunglasses can suit my face already. Yay!

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