Monday, November 19, 2012

Ready to Shop for More

Yey, I already started my Christmas shopping!! Have you?

Actually, it was me and my SIL who already shopped for some Christmas gifts last week. We went to a bargain place where they sell lots of wholesale items from clothing, shoes, bags and lot more. Actually I was overwhelmed when I saw all the items for sale. It's like a big haven for gift items. We bought a lot of gifts for my relatives but I we'll be scheduling another shopping day because we are not yet done.  I forgot to bring my list that is why I have some items that I wasn't able to buy because the list is not in my hand. 

I also have a friend who loves to dance and a little niece that is into ballet so, I'm thinking of getting them  dance gifts wholesale and I'm sure they will love it. I also need to find a nice gift for mom. Usually I'm having a hard time finding a gift for mom because to tell you frankly she is really picky. She'll not use any gift she does not like so to  make my gift more special, I let her pick the gift that she wants. In that way, she'll really use it and my gift will not go to waste.

Ahhh... I can't wait to shop for more because this time I will buy something for myself!! 

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