Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Choosing Your Bathroom Ceiling Lighting

The bathroom is one of the most frequented areas in a home. Homeowners design their bathrooms with the whole family in mind and usually coordinate the color scheme fixtures as well as the wall and floor tiles. The bathroom ceiling lighting is also very important to the overall look of the bathroom. It should elegantly compliment the rest of the house while still being able to provide adequate lighting for the bathroom.

There are many types of lighting fixtures that are available today but people should be sure to choose fixtures that utilize energy efficient bulbs because the aim should be to reduce energy costs. The options for ceiling lighting include flushed and semi-flushed fixtures in addition to an array of shades and trimmings.

Flushed fixtures are set directly against the ceiling. To replace the light bulbs you have to remove the light shade. The advantage of the flushed fixture is that it is set against ceiling which prevents flies from landing on the actual light bulbs. The semi-flushed fixtures have a space between the fixture and the ceiling. These types of fixtures add a bit of style to the bathroom because of the spacing between the fixture and the ceiling. With the semi-flush lights there is also the option of rail lights which usually have two or more lights that have small individual shades similar to ceiling fan light shades.

Ceiling lighting fixtures for the bathroom are available in an array of styles that can compliment any decor. Homeowners are no longer limited just to white shades with silver or gold trimmings. Trimmings may be white black shades of brown and other colors. The shades are available in clear frosted or even tinted. With the semi-flushed types the shade options are even more diverse. 

When selecting the ceiling lighting for your bathroom there is no need to feel that you are limited with your choices. Find the fixtures that match your overall decor and use fixtures that utilize energy efficient bulbs so that you can save money. Be sure to choose fixtures that are durable and will enhance your bathroom's look. For wide selection of lighting fixture, be sure to browse for you'll find something that will suit your taste and budget. 

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