Friday, December 7, 2012

Orchid Plants as Gifts

My mom loves to cultivate in our small front yard. Every morning upon waking up and taking a sip on her cup of coffee, she'll go straight to her garden to either sweep all the fallen dead leaves from our mango tree or water her plants. Just some of the plants that we have are mother's tongue, gumamela, san francisco plants, mini roses, orchids and other local plants that we have here. 

There's even an instance where she went out of the house and when she came back she already bought tons of plants that are ready to be re-potted. She says she feels alive and well every time she tills the soils and be with her plants. I guess it brings her joy and different euphoria.

Now, that Christmas is coming, I thought I'd just give her plants as gifts and I'm very positive that she'll be tickled pink.  I even saw orchids for sale online and they are perfect gifts this Christmas and other occasions for your mom or for anyone who loves plants and flowers. 

Orchid Phalaenopsis Double-Spike 4"Orchid Phalaenopsis Double-Spike 4"

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