Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In-Ear Wireless Systems

I love listening to music and I always admire musicians and artist who have great command on their craft. One who knows what they are doing and what to give to the audience. Artists who are not afraid to let go and show their real emotions while they are singing and performing always get my 2 thumps up while those artists who give lame act and will not even care what their audience will feel is just a waste to watch them.

I believe that the success of a concert or a simple studio recording not only lies on the singer but party of it really goes to the technicians or sound engineers that uses hi-tech instruments and stuff along with their in ear monitors to make sure that the sound is superb and top notch. Nothing beats watching a concert with amazing lights and sound system and that will make the audience more alive and engaged in the performance of the artists. 

50% Off Sale at Forever 21

Forever 21 fans, run and catch their 50? off sale at 2/L Bridgeway at SM Megamall! 

Sale is from Feb 22 - March 03 so better hurry!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to have a Distinct Smell With the help of Perfume

Prada Tendre Perfume
The use of perfume is not only restricted to body. One can use it in the rooms, wardrobe and even bathroom. The distinct smell coming from these places gives your feel to the visitors. If you really want to have a smell that is nearly always there and makes visitors think of you, go through the articles. It will provide you some useful tips…
  • The very first step starts from buying good perfumes. Visit and get some sophisticated perfume and room fresheners.
  • It would be good if your room is well decorated and have new furniture. So, if you have plans to relocate or moving to new house than drop your plan to give fresh smell to the room till then. If you have no such plan in the near future and want to give a distinct smell to the old room, clean it properly. When you have cleaned the rooms apply deodorizers to get rid of any existing odor.
  • Now start applying the spray and keep it continued for at least seven days. Wallpapers or designer show pieces hold the smell better as compared to paints of the wall. You should also use dust mask while fumigating your room, if not done it can give you a feel of headache. Also ensure that all the doors are kept closed so that no smell gets out of the room. And at last stick to one scent.
  • Don’t forget to spray the perfume in wardrobe and dresser so that your clothes give a natural smell.
  • You should shop women's perfume online for yourself and spray it a little every day before work or school. This would give you a smell. It would become your signature. However make a note that once the perfume turns into signature you can’t change it. It takes time to become a signature and equally take time to fade it back. So act carefully
  • Remember that taking a shower is the first step to smell nice. The next step starts with applying beautiful fragrance on your body. You should make a habit to spray on the hair with the women perfume only when it is wet. It will give your hair a distinctive yet beautiful smell.
So these were the tips to get a distinctive smell for yourself and your room. These tips will surely help you to get a wonderful start. The distinctive smell will enhance your feel and give you a signature smell.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SMAC Deal: 50% Off on Adidas Sports Bags

Yey, summer vacation is coming very soon and are you ready for your summer getaway already? Pack light and organize. One of my fave bags to use is backpack for it is very easy to carry on the back and it can load lots of stuff.

SMAC (SM Advantage Card) Deal is : 50% Off on Adidas Sports Bags.  Original price is worth P2195 and now only P1097! 

March 01, 2013 - March 30, 2013 

 Sports Central:SM Dasmarinas 
 Sports Central:SM Fairview 
 Sports Central:SM Manila

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Friday, February 15, 2013

GPS Pet Locator

As pet lover, I consider my dog as my own child and part of the family already. Keeping her clean, well and safe are on top of my list that's why I need to keep an eye on my own dog.

Pet lovers most of the times bring them along while they are walking/jogging or running on villages or sometimes in the woods. Some pets also got lost when they sneak out of the house/yard to follow someone or when they got afraid and it is disheartening when they got lost or just wonder around and failed to comeback.

Owning a gps pet locator can be very helpful in locating them much faster. This pet locator with gps system is lightweight and can be put on pet's collar. 

gps pet locator

SM Dept. Store Luggage Sale

Need new luggage for your trip this summer? Why not check out the LUGGAGE SALE at The SM Store  until February 28, 2013 to avail of discounts.

Luggage are marked up to 50% OFF on selected brands so be sure to see what are available.

Aside from that you'll get a chance to win one of 15 SAMSUNG NX 1000 DIGITAL CAMERA!
~~ Note: for Every P2,500 single-receipt purchase from the Luggage Department you'll have one (1) raffle coupon. If you use your SM card you'll double your chances of winning!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Flight Jackets in Focus

When it comes to fashion there is really no hard or strict rules. Anyone has its own style and liking on different clothing and accessories. One maybe too conservative while others maybe bold, exaggerated and out of this world. No matter what we wear, we all love fashion.

These days, some of the men’s clothing can also be worn by women. Remember the boyfriend shirts and jeans that we all love? What about the oversized watches that are the latest craze now? I remember my brother only wore those big watches but here I am wearing them too! You can even grab your bro’s white shirt and pair it with jeans or shorts, add some necklace and put your leopard shoes and no one will ever realize it was not yours anymore.

 Military look also became a fad in the recent years. Everywhere you turn women wore military inspired jackets and all. I don’t see any reason why we can’t wear any flight jackets especially vintage ones for they are stylish as well. Not only pilots or men in motorbikes can pull that of for there are women who are stylish can make it chic and classic.

Landing Zone has some nice collection of G1,  a2 flight jacket, A1 flight jackets and more. Here are some few samples.

Another To-Buy List

I've been trying to control myself from buying unnecessary stuff for myself so that I can save more this year but I'm just too weak everytime I saw bags, wallets, shoes, shirts , jeans and just about anything. Arrghhh.. I don't usually go out but I always want something new. I guess that is my way of pampering myself for being a  hardworker or maybe I'm just not penny pinching anymore.

Anyway, I wanted to control my spending but I'm not sure if I can do it until the end of the year. Here are some of the things that I want (read- "want" and not need) to have.

1. Oversized 2-toned watch, Michael Kors or other brands are ok
2. Coach or Tory Burch zip leather wallet
3. Bag (oh yes). Currently I'm only using 2 bags from Long Champ and Esprit while my other bags are just in the closet :( but still I want another bag!
4. Skinny jeans in different colors: red and dark green or maybe maroon
5. Blouses and more blouses
6. Oversized sunglass eventhough I just purchased Rayban Aviator few weeks ago :)

That's it for now and for sure the list will be longer in no time.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Software Security Solutions

These days the use of computers and other gadgets is not uncommon anymore. We usually keep our files, photos and other important documents on our hard drive for safe keeping but little that we know it can disappear or get corrupted. With all the viruses, malware, trojans and other pesky computer annoyances, we need to keep our computers safe and clean all the time. Installing anti-virus, malware detection programs and such can help us detect virus and such .

Those that have businesses, it's necessary to keep their networks safe and secure that is why Computer Security solutions can greatly help tighten their computer security.