Thursday, February 14, 2013

Flight Jackets in Focus

When it comes to fashion there is really no hard or strict rules. Anyone has its own style and liking on different clothing and accessories. One maybe too conservative while others maybe bold, exaggerated and out of this world. No matter what we wear, we all love fashion.

These days, some of the men’s clothing can also be worn by women. Remember the boyfriend shirts and jeans that we all love? What about the oversized watches that are the latest craze now? I remember my brother only wore those big watches but here I am wearing them too! You can even grab your bro’s white shirt and pair it with jeans or shorts, add some necklace and put your leopard shoes and no one will ever realize it was not yours anymore.

 Military look also became a fad in the recent years. Everywhere you turn women wore military inspired jackets and all. I don’t see any reason why we can’t wear any flight jackets especially vintage ones for they are stylish as well. Not only pilots or men in motorbikes can pull that of for there are women who are stylish can make it chic and classic.

Landing Zone has some nice collection of G1,  a2 flight jacket, A1 flight jackets and more. Here are some few samples.

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