Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bet He Doesn’t Have That! Cool Gifts for Men Who Love Gadgets!

Most men are born gadget-lovers! In today’s vast global market, there are hundreds of unique gadgets you may have never even heard of. A simple online search and you’ll be able to shop for any of the following items that make perfect gifts for guys. Not only are these gadgets decidedly cool, they are perfectly functional and make one-of-a-kind gifts!

Scan Pen
This handy device scans text to word processing documents, emails, digital notepads, etc… It’s so convenient to use - scan items when price shopping or scan the important sections of text books or meeting minutes. This handy device is useful for students and executives alike. Various manufacturers make versions of this pen; read the reviews and you’re sure to find the right model for your man!

Fitness Tracking Bands
This wrist band is a novel way for him to see if he’s meeting his fitness goals. Fitness bands track everyday movements and keep him posted on how he’s doing. The bands are also designed with a competitive twist - He can see how he ranks with fitness performances of friends and family, too!

Bug Vacuum Firearm
This bug-sucking gun is perfect for any guy and ultimately fun for anyone! Simply aim and shoot to suck up a creepy or pesky bug. The bugs are sucked into a clear plastic tube and after enjoying watching his captive nemesis, he can set it free outdoors.  

Pocket Night Vision Gadget
This gadget is great for guys who spend time outdoors like camping or hiking. Because this night vision device fits conveniently in a pocket of pouch of a backpack, it is easy to take along anywhere. It’s an unusual gadget and one that most people aren’t likely to buy themselves, but will certainly use if they are given it.

Handcrank Power Radio
In the event of disasters or storms that knock out power, this cool gadget allows your guy to crank up the radio and tune into the news. It’s also dynamic enough to double as his bedside clock radio. It makes a great gift that is also perfectly practical.  

Wireless Mouse - Ring Model
This mouse is worn like a ring and is thumb-activated. He can conveniently operate his computer from up to twenty feet away. If he’s listening to an ebook or music, he can simply click his ring to adjust settings, scroll, or do anything that a conventional mouse will do.  

Digital Password Vault
If he’s like most men today, he has a grocery list of passwords. Personal email password, work email password, computer password, banking password, etc... We all have multiple logins and passwords these days, but this handy device makes it easy to track them all.  Passwords can be easy to forget, so this little device is perfect for anyone who uses computers.

These great gadgets are ideal for guys who may otherwise be hard to buy for.  Anyone would appreciate these handy gadgets. Ideal for the holidays or birthdays, consider gifting these items for the men in your life. 

Jack Harding is a gadget-loving guy who's always seeking out the newest gadget. He enjoys testing them out and then writing about them.

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