Friday, March 8, 2013

How to Save Money on Your Next Party

No matter what you're celebrating, parties are expensive. Food, decorations, venue rental and other goodies can add costs rapidly, leaving you in a pinch if you're planning a baby shower or Halloween party. Here are five ways you can save big on your party costs with promo codes.

Coupons for Any Use
The amazing thing about using promo codes online is that you can find a coupon for virtually any party supplies that you need. Food, decorations, snacks, gifts, anything you want to include might have a printable coupon or a promo code somewhere on the Internet. If you're ordering supplies online, most vendors have promo codes that can be used during checkout or if you spend a certain amount. During the holidays they might also have special codes, so if you plan on celebrating a few times a year, during the holidays is the time to stock up for cheap.

Stay Close to Home
Holding your party in a different location is ideal, but if you're tight on available party funds, keeping your soiree at home is a way to save money for other party expenses. Most parents are tempted to hold birthday parties for their children at a park or arcade, renting out a room or any other perks that may come with exclusive birthday packages. Children just want to have fun, and if you can give them that fun in your backyard, forego the expensive location rental and stay at home. An at-home party is great for both kid and adult events, and keeps your wallet padded for another day.

Send Online Invitations
Sending out invites through email is a quick way to create a uniform invitation that won't waste paper or a lot of energy. However, with everyone connected through Facebook or another social media platform, sending mass invites is quite easy. Facebook will keep count of your guests as well as send party updates or messages as the date draws near. If you're looking to send snappier invites, there are several email templates or online invitation services that will provide your guests with all the details that they need as well as look pretty when they open their message.

Hit Holiday Sales with Promos and Coupons
While the days leading up to a holiday will have discounts of their own, after the holiday has passed those discounts will begin to nosedive. Hitting the discount shelves with promos and coupons will bring those prices closer to your comfort zone. If you hold a particular holiday party every year or just have an affinity for holiday decorations, stock up on the supplies and decorations you'll need right after the holidays to guarantee you'll have them on hand. Teachers who celebrate holidays with their students will benefit the most from this so they'll be prepared as holidays come around.

Score Discount Gifts
Birthday and Christmas gifts can be bought at deep discounts if you find a promo code online for a particular store or gift. Flowers, candy and jewelry all have promo codes that will shave off some savings when you order or check out. You can even get a promo code for a personalized gift basket. However, if you're into personalizing gift baskets yourself, you can find the supplies that you need to fill the basket with some smart shopping and couponing. Plus, you'll be able to get just the right gifts for each person.

Parties don't have to break the bank to give your guests a good time. If your guests are impressed with your money-saving abilities, you'll be able to share your secrets with them and pass your promo code- and coupon-hunting skills and show them how to pull off a great party with great savings.

Shelly Masterson is a work at home mom who loves to entertain. She frequently shares her entertaining tips on home and lifestyle blogs. Visit GoPromoCodes to learn more about how to manage your household on a budget.

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