Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ways to Jazz up our Homes

Whether you are constructing or renovating your home, homeowners have a lot of options on how they can improve the look of their homes that will make it more appealing and comfortable to live in.

Adding new furniture or fixture may mean added expenses on your part but in the end it will be worth it. 

New Furniture
Sometimes visiting your fave local or online stores can give you so much inspirations. You can take home a nice sideboard that is traditionally used in the dining area where you can place your utensils and more. However these days, these sideboards can beautifully add accent to any room without making it look dowdy. 

red foot stool
There are wide array of colors and even styles to choose from that can match the theme of your room. Sideboards can be a haven for your chinas and delicate houseware. It’s also perfect to put an accent lampshade, your family’s precious photos and  more on top of it.

Nice ottoman, bean bags, foot stool, cabinet, dining table or whatever furniture can add character to any room.

Lighting Fixtures
Let there be light. Illumination in the house is very important as it can also set the mood and transform the appearance of any room. These days there are wide varieties of decorative lighting that you can buy depending on your lighting needs. 

Spanking New Windows
Changing your old and damaged windows can make the house looks new. Window treatments have become a trend lately as they can do some wonders in the home, aesthetic wise. Plus, it can even lower your electric bills and such. 

Adding new curtain rods and perhaps new curtains that have style and edge will boost your lowly windows. 

Wall decors/Decals
Just imagine a big blank wall space in your house. Even though it can look clean and uncluttered, sometimes putting nice wall frames with your family pictures or a beautiful painting by a famous painter can bring life into it. Just be sure not to overcrowd the wall to the point it can become tacky. 

A nice wall decal can also prettify a wall space. Actually, there are vast patterns and themes to choose from that can accentuate any walls.

Adding some fun in the bathroom
Our bathroom is one of the most used room in our homes but there are times that we tend not to pay attention in prepping it up in terms of decoration. Painting the walls with white can make it appear not just neat but spacious. Add some decorative lights to add some drama and cabinets can always neatly organize your bathroom essentials.

Don’t forget to add scented candles or bathroom scents that can be so inviting to relax while you’re on your tub. 

Furthermore, be funky and cool by changing your toilet seats with these colourful toilet seats of different colors, designs and patterns. You can even match your toilet seats if you have a theme for your bathroom.
A seat with shells or beach hut patterns can perfectly suit a beach or ocean themed bathrooms while colored circles can best suit teens or young at heart.  Cartoon character designed seats can also entice your kids to use the toilet as part of their potty training.

Just in case patterned seats are not your cup of tea, there’s always a monochromatic style with white, oak, brass or mahogany finish for the minimalist. 

A little imagination goes a long way
Actually, there are still heaps of ways on how to jazz up our homes, our creativity and imagination can help a lot. You don’t really need to shell out a lot of money for you can always recycle your things and bring new life to your precious space.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things until you’ve reach what you wanted.

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