Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to Accessorize with Italian Designer Jewelry

If you love to dress up your wardrobe to make yourself feel glamorous and gorgeous, Italian designer jewelry can add pops of bright color and glittery notes to all of your day and evening looks. These pieces will have all of your friends and family wondering if you just stepped out of a fashion magazine.

From Head to Toe

If your love to accessorize with jewelry that is rare and unique, you will love to own pieces that no one else on your block has. Jewelry can get boring and old if you decide to wear the same old items. Finding a designer that creates and sells interesting and fresh looks can rev up your style and add some pizazz to your outfits. If you have a love for earrings, you will want to choose pairs that highlight the look of your hair and the shape of your face. If you tend to wear your hair pulled back or in a bun, long flowing earrings will make you look sleek and sophisticated. They will be easily noticed and will not be hidden behind your strands of hair. Most necklaces look good with any top or blouse that you choose.

Try to find a design that will compliment your neckline. If you are wearing a plunging top, a necklace that droops or swoops across will look pretty and will fill in the open space. Higher necklaces and chokers look better if you are dressed fancy for a night on the town. Whether the chain is silver or gold, it will look stunning with jewels hanging from the middle section.

Dazzling and Glittery

You can’t go wrong with a linked- or solid-chain watch adorning your wrists. There are various faces that range from a large to a small center. Pick the one that is best for you and that fits your wrist properly. It is always a chic statement to know exactly what the time is. You can finish off your look with a ring or two on your fingers. Try to choose a stone or gem that matches the color of your current outfit. Big bulging rocks are a fun accessory to have beaming from your wedding or middle finger. No matter how you wear it, you will draw attention to your fine pieces of designer jewelry.

A Polished Look

If you love to dress up and wear matching accessories all over your body, Italian designer jewelry will accentuate your hands, ears, and neckline. With numerous marvelous pieces to choose from, your daily routine of dressing up will never be dull.

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