Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tips on How to Store Jewelry

Jewelry stores in Lansing, MI, are known not only for their quality collection but also for their organization. They neatly lay their pieces out so that viewers can easily see what’s for sale. When items are not on display, the clerk can easily find what’s needed in the storage. Plus, jewelry stores go through lengthy measures to see that jewels are preserved and kept safe. While your personal jewelry collection may not be so fine or extensive, you should still take a leaf out of these stores’ book. Come up with a system for your jewelry that will keep it organized and out of harm’s way.


It’s not fun hunting for a tiny earring or trying to untangle chains from necklaces tied together. If you organize your pieces properly, you should avoid these issues. There are several ways to accomplish organization. For earrings, you can stick them and secure them on long ribbons that you hang up on your walls. This is a very affordable and practical solution. Another way to sort your jewelry is to invest in a plastic box or bin with small compartments. Put each item or pair in a compartment to easily access your jewelry. Alternatively, some owners like to use a little crystal bowl where they can put away their earrings or wedding ring before they go to sleep at night. Soft fabric pouches are another great choice for keeping jewels grouped together.


Maybe you’re interested in seeing that your jewelry is in a safe, secure location. If this is your concern, you can invest in a safe or store your jewels in a safe deposit box at a bank. Many jewelry stores in Lansing, MI, go this route. Using this service may cost you a fee, so you may want to store other items such as important documents so you’ll feel better about paying that amount. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to keep your precious jewelry safe. Consider investing in a jewelry box. These are typically very beautiful, and you can find secondhand or antique pieces at modest prices. Be sure you find one that has a lock and key to prevent theft. The box should be tarnish-resistant and should be kept away from extreme temperatures so the jewelry is preserved.

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