Thursday, August 29, 2013

Color Your Hair at a Professional Salon for Best Results

There’s nothing like having your hair colored to make you feel rejuvenated. The way you take care of your hair can affect the way you feel. Keeping your hair looking its best will give you confidence in your appearance and will positively influence your attitude and productivity. Even your relationships with loved ones, friends, and coworkers can be affected. This is just one of the ways having your hair colored or highlighted in a hair salon in Orange County or your local area will benefit you. Going to professionals to achieve your desired hair color will ensure your hair will be provided with quality treatment.

Avoid Store Dye Kits

Some individuals might be tempted to try to color their own hair at home. But, for several reasons, this is not an ideal choice. Money is usually a main factor in the decision to skip the salon, but what many people don’t think about is the money they might have to spend in having an expert fix their color if their store-bought dye experience ends in disaster. Professionals are trained to know how to mix colors to achieve the desired result and give hair depth. Box colors will give different results on each head of hair, so it’s difficult to predict the outcome. Additionally, store-bought coloring kits can cause more damage to your hair. They can leave hair dry, brittle, and lacking shine. Professional hair dye is formulated with the best ingredients to minimize hair damage.

Pamper Yourself

Aside from these important advantages of coloring your hair in a professional hair salon in Orange County, convenience should also be considered. Dying your hair yourself is a lot of work. Trying to make sure you coat each piece of hair can be difficult. Being pampered in a salon by a stylist who knows exactly how to color or highlight your hair is the best way to go. If you are in need of a coloring or any other hair service, entrust your hair to the experts. They will help you revitalize your hair and keep it feeling and looking as healthy as possible.

Bag Wish List

Bags! I want them all!

I need these neutral colored sachet, tote, crossbody and shoulder bag. I'm on a bag shopping freeze so I can't shop any bag until the end of the year. I'm actually saving money for something and soon after I have accomplished that I can buy even just one bag for myself.

Loving these bags right now, they are making drool!
I wantb!

Marc by Marc Jacobs leather purse
32,490 PHP -

MICHAEL Michael Kors black handbag
17,755 PHP -

Tory Burch leather handbag
28,685 PHP -

River Island crossbody purse
1,380 PHP -

Kangol crossbody handbag
1,520 PHP -

Bree bag
5,875 PHP -

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mariah Carey and her Bedazzled Mic

 Mariah Carey is an all-time diva that gives her 100% when she performs on stage. Her sexy body, sweet and high-tone voice and sense of fashion capture the hearts of her fans all over the world.

Aside her love for tight and skimpy dress, she also loves glitters and blings.. why not? She's Mariah Carey. She even has a signature bedazzled microphone that is studded by swarovksi crystals that only a diva like her can own.

Since you are not Mariah Carey, you can get an excellent shure beta 87a at musician's friend just in case you want to have your own mic. Have it customized to your own liking and there you'll have your own signature mic.

"Little Black Dress" Closet Organizer

Women will always have too many accessories in her room that there are times they are left cluttered and unorganized. Thanks to organizers that can keep out closet and room neat and of course organized.

This "Little Black Dress" Closet Organizer is something that all women should have in her room where she can place her bracelets, earrings, necklaces at the same place. What I like about this organizer is the see-thru plastic where you can instantly see what is inside for easier identification of the items.

Check this out at

Monday, August 26, 2013

Lady Gaga's Wildly Exaggerated Outfits

Who else don't know about Lady Gaga?

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka. Lady Gaga is known all over the world. Aside from her hit songs like "Bad Romance", Telephone, Poker Face, Born this Way and more, she is known to wear wildly exaggerated outfits that only she can pull off.

She has worn thousands of different attires from wearing only bra and pantry, to colorful hair do, out of this world outfits, horns,  futuristic ensemble and I'm not quite sure yet if she has used an air mask in one of her attires yet but all I know that she is unique, creative, bold and has her own fashion statement.

Her outfits have been copied by other fashionistas who are idolizing her. Here are some that I found online.

Friday, August 23, 2013

SM Store Further Reduction Sale

The sun is up now and few more floods here and there so we now have the chance to go out and shop for more!

The SM Store  is still having their FURTHER REDUCTION SALE until August 26! Do check out the added 10% off when you are a SMAC, Prestige and BDO Rewards card holders!

Aug. 21 : Babies & Kids
Aug. 22 : Beauty
Aug. 23 : Home
Aug. 24 : Ladies
Aug. 25 : Shoes & Bags
Aug. 26 : Men's

SALE is ongoing at all SM brances nationwide. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Choosing the Right Style for Your Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out! Let's go have some fun...

Out on the Town
If every weekend consists of sitting around your house or your flat eating takeout and watching videos, it’s time to bust out of that rut.  Even if you’re dead tired on Friday and Saturday nights from work responsibilities, household chores and general drudgery, actually, ESPECIALLY if that’s the case, a change will recharge your batteries. Gather up a few of your best girlfriends and have some fun for a change.

Once you’ve made plans, you will need to sort out what to wear. You want to look good, of course. At the same time, you don’t want to feel constricted. The best outfits are sexy but subtle, with comfortable shoes that you can walk in and cute purses that are still big enough for a brush, lipstick, keys and your mobile phone. You will also want to choose outfits that make the most of your body shape.

Hitting the Clubs
If you’re planning a night out with your besties, you can’t go wrong with slim fit jeans and a stylish top. If you’re going to be dancing, add a pair of flats; if you’ll be people watching, step out in a pair of kitten heels. Stash your essentials in a cross-body bag that leaves your hands free for eating, hailing cabs and hanging on to the transit straps on that packed standing-room-only bus.  Go bold with your makeup with shiny lips and bold “look at me” eye color.  Treat yourself to a salon blowout. Chunky handbags and glittery ankle bracelets make the outfit complete.

Mature Beauty
Just because you’re not twenty-five anymore doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy and stylish when you’re out with your girlfriends.  The key is to show off your best features and disguise the rest. If you have toned arms and shoulders, show them off with a sleeveless shimmery top. Do you have great legs? Ignore outdated fashion rules and wear a flirty skirt or dress that falls a few inches ABOVE the knees. Add a pair of heels and a cute clutch and you’re good to go. You can also wear bold colors and rock skinny jeans if you have the figure for them. One great necklace or chain will show off a beautiful neckline.  As a mature beauty, you should avoid go TOO short, TOO skinny or TOO shimmery, or you’ll just look like you’re trying TOO hard.

Big and Beautiful
If you are big and beautiful,you may worry that the hot styles won’t look right on you. But these days many designers have gotten hip to the fact that plus-sized girls and women want to look good too. Store shelves are stocked with great jeans, cute shoes and sexy cocktail dresses that are not just the right size, but are proportioned to look good on your full-figured curves. You can show skin and wear form fitting clothes, but don’t go too tight or you will look trampy, not sexy. Don’t go to the other extreme and try to hide in clothes that are way too big. The key for you is to buy clothes that FIT.

Sophie Smith is studying fashion design and is in her final year. She enjoys sharing her insights and fashion tips online.

Tips on Getting the Best Mortgage Rate

There are many types of mortgages available when it comes time to buy a home and getting the best mortgage rate available is the primary goal for the consumer in the home buying process. There is a lot of prep work when it comes to getting a great rate, both on the side of the buying party and the lending party as well. Being prepared by showing yourself in the best light possible as a home buyer and finding the best rate to meet your budget can be easier when following the tips listed below:

Find a Reputable Lender

One of the best ways to find a reputable lender is by word of mouth. People who have had great experiences with their lenders have no problem referring the lender to others. Discuss with the lender the various types of financing options available and have the lender run the numbers for you with various mortgage amounts within your budget and what their respective interest rates for them would be. Doing some number crunching early in the game can give you a target to shoot for when looking for suitable properties.

Obtain a Credit Report

Once you make contact with the lender, have them run a credit report and obtain a copy for your records. Credit reports issued by lenders usually contain information useful for their purposes that other types of credit reports from other sources do not have.  It is always a good idea to have a current credit report in hand when speaking with various lenders so that your credit does not need to be pulled multiple times since each time a credit report is obtained; points are deducted from your credit score.

Do Your Homework

Once you have found a reputable lender and know what types of financing options are available, it is time to start scouting the market for the ideal home. Even though your lender has assisted you in early number crunching, the final amount spent will differ according to the purchase price of the house and the interest rate for the day you will close on the property.

Use a Mortgage Calculator

A mortgage calculator is a very useful tool when it comes to determining if a house is in the price range you desire.  There are many variables that can affect the final price of home and using a trustworthy mortgage calculator is the best way to ensure you are applying for a home that is within your budget. The most accurate picture of what the final price of a home mortgage will run can be a lot more accurate by using the Halifax Mortgage Calculator listed here.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beds for our Furry Friends

For pet owners, they regards their pets as one of their family. Owning a pet also requires a lot of responsibility for it's not enough just to feed them. Our pets need tender loving care, play time, vaccines that can help them prevent various diseases, nourishing foods, grooming and of course comfortable beds.

It's really not necessary for you too have your pets like dogs and cats sleep beside you just like some are doing as long as they have comfortable basket, crate, cage, or bed where they can rest and sleep well, then I guess it's enough.

There are practically a lot of pet beds that you can see on various pet shops. There are comfy and even colorful best memory foam cat beds and for your dogs.

Treat your pets well and they will love you more.!!

What to Wear During Rainy Days

Rainy days can be so depressing for some especially when they are stuck inside their house for couple of days due to storm and flood. It's gloomy, cold and wet and what else you would want to do but to stay at home, sip warm soup, coffee or tea to keep you warm.

If you have no other business outside your homes, it's much better to stay warm at home than to be soak with rainwater and dirty floods outside. Just in case you are working and you have no choice but to report, here are some items that you need to wear during rainy days.

Anyone can still look chic and trendy during rainy days. Just remember to keep warm to avoid sickness. Here are some rainy days outfit inspirations.

Red jacket

Cozy on a rainy day...^^

Sample Set: Rainy Days

Finding Collectibles at Online Auctions

Antique and vintage pieces always attract the eyes of collectors and sellers. There are some items that can sell much higher than its original price that’s why more people are enticed to enter into antique buying for the purpose of collecting and for some selling.

There are many places where you can find collectibles like auction sites, flea markets and even online. If you are really determined to find rare pieces, don’t limit yourself finding them at just one place. Scour all the places where you think you can find such and antique auctions  is also a perfect place to find rare and unique items that you may not normally see at your local stores.

Finding good pieces can be achieved if you go through the online catalogue thoroughly so you’ll not miss anything. If you find something that interest you, you are free to bid and who knows you’ll end up getting the item. It’s always convenient for any shopper and bidder to join online auctions for they need not go to the area just to join and bid because you can do it at the comforts of your own home.

Various collectibles can be find such as coins, jewelries, paintings, vehicles just to name a few. My own brother is a coin collector and he’s been frequenting various coin auctions website with the hopes of finding the rarest and unique coins there is.

So if you want to find collectibles always try online auctions sites as a great option.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Robinsons Dept. Store Beauty Fair 2013

Do check out Robinsons Mall this August to avail of the discount on their beauty products.

This August they are having their Beauty Fair where loads of beauty products are on sale.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Save Money on Campus Book Rentals

College students like shoppers also want to save money in a lot of ways. It’s never uncomplicated to find a university that offers affordable tuition fees. Getting higher education for many students can mean having college funds to support their college studies. It would mean having quite a lot of money for a parent to send their children to college especially if the student was not granted any scholarship.

Aside from tuition fees, college text books can bore a hole on pockets because some books can cost hundreds of dollars. Books are usually required in every subject and semestral and for those that have tight financial budget it can be a load financially. With these scenarios, students are forced to cut cost on their dorms, supplies and more.

Rent  Textbooks
Many college students are now realizing that renting books online is one of the many ways to make their college studies much easier. Thanks to Campus Book Rentals for they are helping students to save more because they don't need to buy new books anymore that can cost amazingly high.

Why not consider renting books bec. you can get savings from 40-90% on books and that can mean a lot to students.

Learn more

Rent Back
This is a new program from Campus Book Rentals wherein old textbooks of students that are just sitting and collecting dust in the shelves can be rented out to other studies. This means students will earn everytime another student rents the book.

Good deal!

Making a Difference
Isn’t it amazing to know that there are companies that earning profits are not the only purpose of their existence but also to help and make a difference? Campus Book Rentals helps students and also has a mission to help children with cleft palate etc. to get surgeries though Operation Smile Organization.

Every book that is rented out, part of rental will go to Operation Smile. What a humble humanitarian mission that is inspiring.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Got Myself Ray-Ban Aviator

Been wanting to buy another sunglasses that I can use alternately with my Marc Jacobs sunglasses but I really have a hard time picking the right sunglass shape for my small face.

Actually, I have been fitting this aviator style by Ray-ban when I always go to the mall but I end up not buying it because it doesn't suit my face well.

Anyway, early this year, my girlfriends and I went to Robinson's Galleria and an optical shop is having a display of their Ray-bans. As usual, I tried some styles hoping to buy already. I was kinda hesitant but they said that it looks good on my face (that is what I want to hear) so I bought it immediately because it was also on sale : 20% off from the original price.

The sales rep did a minor adjustment in it to perfectly fit my face.

Been using my Ray-Ban small aviator sunglasses all the time. It not only protects my eyes from the harmful rays of the sun but it can make me look fashionable as well.

What I got was a Ray-Ban Small Aviator that has the teardrop lens shape with a gold trim on the lens and is perfect for women with smaller and narrower faces just like me.

Finance Business

Investing for a business is easier to do compare the old days. However, higher risk is more expected today compare before. But nevertheless, earning money nowadays is never that difficult anymore.

One of the businesses that are good to invest these days are those do not ask for too much requirements. Finance related businesses are good example of it. First of it is that, due to the high-tech era we have right now, things are more convenient for individuals looking for earning opportunities online. Eventually, it’s now possible. In fact, varieties of businesses opportunities can be seen on it.

Trading industry is one of the common types of finance related businesses that are invested today. Forex, stock exchange, and such are just some of it that is available for easy investment online. This gives interested individuals to start their finance related business in one snap.
But then, in terms of investing for a particular business, it is really necessary to have an idea on what you are investing for. Since business is about business, if you fail to get succeed with what you have invested, of course, it’s not the company’s loss rather it’s yours. Hence, when you decide to go on an investment, make sure to have great analysis and understanding to the field you are about to invest.

Since finance related business is quite confusing, it’s really important for individuals to have knowledge about it first in order for them to not waste their money over having no world about the field.You will get to see more terms in it that will make you wonder more about it such as day trading for instance. Although there are websites that may help individuals like you understand more about it such as daytrading with varengold has to offer, still, nothing compares to learning more information through studying the field.

The only key to get succeed in every field you are stepping is to learn and understand well how the particular field works accordingly. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Coloured Contact Lenses as a Fashion Item

It's fairly commonplace to have dyed hair these days. It doesn't even have to look natural, either, with bright colours like pillar-box red and shocking pink enjoying a wave of popularity. For many of the same reasons, coloured contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular. Well know suppliers such as Vision Direct now stock good high quality coloured lenses.

Some lenses are quite natural-looking, changing the eye colour to another common colour, such as brown, green or blue. These can enhance a new hair colour, for instance, by wearing blue contact lenses to complement your recently dyed blonde hair to make it look more natural, or to contrast with black hair to provide a striking appearance. Coloured contact lenses can also be used when you want to pick out a highlight of an item of clothing or to match some jewellery. Green eyes, for example, would look absolutely beautiful when wearing emerald earrings or a green dress.
Image via Google
But not all coloured contact lenses need to appear natural, as there are many with fun and funky designs, such as those that make you look as though you have the eyes of a cat, a wolf or a lizard. Some contact lenses are a single colour, such as yellow or black, without a pupil, which gives a pleasingly alien effect.

Other designs that are clearly not meant to be mistaken for the wearer's own eyes are ones with an unusual colour of iris, such as violet, hot pink or silver; since the popularity of The Twilight Saga, many people have invested in a pair of contact lenses to make their eyes look like those of Bella or Edward. As well as being a fun fashion accessory, these types of lens can be very useful for fancy-dress, to enhance a cat costume, for example.

One of the best things about using coloured contact lenses is the ease with which you can make a dramatic change to your appearance, without doing anything that is not easily reversible. If you invest in several different pairs, you can use them to accessorise various outfits, depending on their colour and your mood, so the next time you're looking for something special to wear for a night out, start at the eyes and work down!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

SM Mega Shoes and Bags Sale

I haven't shopped for a while so when I saw this ad from SM, it made me want to go shopping this weekend. It's payday so I'm pretty sure that many will go shopping especially to check this MEGA SHOES & BAGS SALE at SM Megamall  inside Megatrade Halls 2 & 3

Sale starts from August 1-4, 2013. Thursday thru Sunday

NOTE:  August 1 is Exclusive to Citibank Cardholders

There are lots of brands that will participate in this MEGA sale like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Grendha, Ipanema and lots more. So be sure to check this sale. 

How to Get the Shave You’ve Always Wanted

If you are like most men, chances are good that you shave several times a week. Even though men seem to get plenty of practice when it comes to shaving, the majority of them still struggle to get the perfect shave with no irritation. It seems that the majority of men are constantly battling the effects of dry skin, ingrown hairs, and razor burn.

There are two primary causes for all of these maladies. One, most men don’t buy quality shaving equipment, and two; most men don’t have good shaving technique. This article will discuss what you can to remedy each of these problems to get the best shave of your life irritation free.

Shaving Like a Pro

Most men are no longer taught how to shave by their fathers as was the tradition several decades ago, instead, the safety razor has made it so easy to shave that little to no instruction is really needed to use it with mediocre proficiency. However, because shaving is something that is not taught, most men develop bad habits early in their teens and these bad habits can stay with them well into adulthood. One of the most common is the practice of shaving against the grain of their beard. Although this takes less time and quickly results in smooth skin, it also causes razor burn and leads to ingrown hairs. To get a good shave, you should always drag the razor with the grain of the hair.

Buying Pro Gear

The other problem most men have when it comes to getting the perfect shave is using equipment that isn’t manufactured well. If the blades in a safety razor aren’t aligned perfectly perpendicular to each other, it can cause a lot of irritation and razor burn. Also, using a cheap shaving cream is primarily the reason so many men suffer from dry skin. To keep your face feeling moist and freshit is a much better idea to invest in a quality shaving soap and badger brush. These two pieces of equipment are essential to getting the shave you want every day.