Thursday, August 22, 2013

Choosing the Right Style for Your Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out! Let's go have some fun...

Out on the Town
If every weekend consists of sitting around your house or your flat eating takeout and watching videos, it’s time to bust out of that rut.  Even if you’re dead tired on Friday and Saturday nights from work responsibilities, household chores and general drudgery, actually, ESPECIALLY if that’s the case, a change will recharge your batteries. Gather up a few of your best girlfriends and have some fun for a change.

Once you’ve made plans, you will need to sort out what to wear. You want to look good, of course. At the same time, you don’t want to feel constricted. The best outfits are sexy but subtle, with comfortable shoes that you can walk in and cute purses that are still big enough for a brush, lipstick, keys and your mobile phone. You will also want to choose outfits that make the most of your body shape.

Hitting the Clubs
If you’re planning a night out with your besties, you can’t go wrong with slim fit jeans and a stylish top. If you’re going to be dancing, add a pair of flats; if you’ll be people watching, step out in a pair of kitten heels. Stash your essentials in a cross-body bag that leaves your hands free for eating, hailing cabs and hanging on to the transit straps on that packed standing-room-only bus.  Go bold with your makeup with shiny lips and bold “look at me” eye color.  Treat yourself to a salon blowout. Chunky handbags and glittery ankle bracelets make the outfit complete.

Mature Beauty
Just because you’re not twenty-five anymore doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy and stylish when you’re out with your girlfriends.  The key is to show off your best features and disguise the rest. If you have toned arms and shoulders, show them off with a sleeveless shimmery top. Do you have great legs? Ignore outdated fashion rules and wear a flirty skirt or dress that falls a few inches ABOVE the knees. Add a pair of heels and a cute clutch and you’re good to go. You can also wear bold colors and rock skinny jeans if you have the figure for them. One great necklace or chain will show off a beautiful neckline.  As a mature beauty, you should avoid go TOO short, TOO skinny or TOO shimmery, or you’ll just look like you’re trying TOO hard.

Big and Beautiful
If you are big and beautiful,you may worry that the hot styles won’t look right on you. But these days many designers have gotten hip to the fact that plus-sized girls and women want to look good too. Store shelves are stocked with great jeans, cute shoes and sexy cocktail dresses that are not just the right size, but are proportioned to look good on your full-figured curves. You can show skin and wear form fitting clothes, but don’t go too tight or you will look trampy, not sexy. Don’t go to the other extreme and try to hide in clothes that are way too big. The key for you is to buy clothes that FIT.

Sophie Smith is studying fashion design and is in her final year. She enjoys sharing her insights and fashion tips online.

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