Monday, August 5, 2013

Coloured Contact Lenses as a Fashion Item

It's fairly commonplace to have dyed hair these days. It doesn't even have to look natural, either, with bright colours like pillar-box red and shocking pink enjoying a wave of popularity. For many of the same reasons, coloured contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular. Well know suppliers such as Vision Direct now stock good high quality coloured lenses.

Some lenses are quite natural-looking, changing the eye colour to another common colour, such as brown, green or blue. These can enhance a new hair colour, for instance, by wearing blue contact lenses to complement your recently dyed blonde hair to make it look more natural, or to contrast with black hair to provide a striking appearance. Coloured contact lenses can also be used when you want to pick out a highlight of an item of clothing or to match some jewellery. Green eyes, for example, would look absolutely beautiful when wearing emerald earrings or a green dress.
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But not all coloured contact lenses need to appear natural, as there are many with fun and funky designs, such as those that make you look as though you have the eyes of a cat, a wolf or a lizard. Some contact lenses are a single colour, such as yellow or black, without a pupil, which gives a pleasingly alien effect.

Other designs that are clearly not meant to be mistaken for the wearer's own eyes are ones with an unusual colour of iris, such as violet, hot pink or silver; since the popularity of The Twilight Saga, many people have invested in a pair of contact lenses to make their eyes look like those of Bella or Edward. As well as being a fun fashion accessory, these types of lens can be very useful for fancy-dress, to enhance a cat costume, for example.

One of the best things about using coloured contact lenses is the ease with which you can make a dramatic change to your appearance, without doing anything that is not easily reversible. If you invest in several different pairs, you can use them to accessorise various outfits, depending on their colour and your mood, so the next time you're looking for something special to wear for a night out, start at the eyes and work down!


  1. I don't think I could wear that kind, looks freaky.

    1. Me too Rose!... i haven't tried wearing contact as I am afraid lol