Sunday, September 1, 2013

10 Ways to Go Green and Save the Planet

Living an eco friendly life has increasingly more followers. Today, we are not talking about just organic food, but also cosmetics, organic clothing, eco weddings, eco bags, eco beds. While many countries in the world have taken “saving the planet” regulations and people have become increasingly more responsible about their role in protecting nature, other countries are cutting down forests and implementing taxes and rules which actually encourage pollution.

What can we do about it? The first thing we need t understand is that no measure is too little, or too insignificant. Protecting nature involves taking small steps, by each and every person in the word. We’re not only helping nature, we’re helping ourselves.

Here are ten easy methods to go green and become an active part in saving the planet.

1. Use in your home only energy saving light bulbs. It something you need, so it’s easy to do it in a green way. They burn a lot harder than ordinary lightbulbs, which means you will not have to change them for a long time. Let’s not mention the fact that you will save on electricity.

2. Using a dishwasher instead of simply washing the dishes in the sink will save on water and effort. At first, you will have to spend some money to get one, but, in time, the investment will prove to be very smart.

3. Did you know that your charger still consumes electricity even if there isn’t a device at the other end? Unplug the phone charger, laptop or any other device you don’t use on permanently and that reduce fuel consumption by up to 75%.

4. Consume organic products, for whose manufacturing nature was not polluted with pesticides and other chemicals. Buy local products and thus encouraging local producers to stay in business.

5. If you buy bottled drinks, make sure they come in either glass or cardboard boxes, not plastic or aluminum. Glass can be returned, but plastic can damage nature a lot more that be realize. Plastic takes up to 500 years to get disintegrated in nature.

6. Choose electronic cigarettes for a smokeless experience. They work with absolutely zero tobacco smoke, as well as with no ash and no unpleasant smell. You can get started on

7. Take showers instead of a baths and try to stay there just for cleaning, not to finish singing opera. Turn off water while brushing your teeth, it will not help you anything if you let it flow, it just increases your maintenance bill.

8. Leave the car and choose walking. It’s great exercise and less pollution for the environment. If you have to get someplace further, take your bike. Save your care for occasional use, try car pooling and that will save you a lot of money.

9. Consider the environment when printing. Don’t print unless it’s absolutely necessary.

10. Take reusable shopping bags. They are not only resistant, but that means you won’t have to pay for a bag every time you go shopping

Whether it’s as easy as turning from regular cigarettes to electronic ones, unplugging your cell phone charger after use, all these easy methods can make a substantial contribution to the environment. It’s time we realized that things don’t last forever and that we need to step up so that our children and their children can still call this place “home”.

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