Sunday, September 22, 2013

In Style: Thai Fisherman Pants

They have been called many different names at different points on the fashion timeline: genie pants, harem pants, and Thai fisherman pants at Wide at the thigh and in the seat and tapered at the ankle, the pants were a recurring prop in high-profile dance routines by late 80s celebrity performer MC Hammer. A more feminized, and more fitted, version of the pants became the easily recognizable uniform of Barbara Eden when she played Jeannie on the mid-to late-60s sitcom "I Dream of Jeannie." The show had a magical realist premise, since Jeannie was gifted with certain superhuman powers.

Many who choose to genie pants cite comfort as the major inspiration. The roominess in the unfitted crotch area gives those who are very active plenty of room to move around. This eclectic garment also makes a bold fashion statement. Because the pants are not designed like traditional trousers, the ballooning effect captures much attention when the wearer walks in them. Fashionistas almost have to wear an understated shirt in order to have some balance in their look. As a result, most people wear shirts that are easily tucked in, fitted at the waist or minimalist like a tank top. Women who wear tanks with harem pants might be seen in a simple shrug to help make the look softer and more feminine.

Sneakers and flat shoes like ballet flats or slide-ons are not a good fit for this look. The almost make the pants look too casual and clownish. However, the right strappy sandal or flashy heel helps the pants live up to their full potential: odd but slightly sophisticated.

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