Monday, October 28, 2013

Christmas Gifts for the Music Afficionados

Time flies so quickly and few more weeks it's Christmas once again!

I hope you're already starting to get your Christmas shopping list for gifts ready for it's never to fun to shop rush during the holidays. Personally, I have started my own list this early so I can know where to shop those items. Doing so, it can make me schedule my shopping trips. It is also the best to shop early to avoid rush and stocks are still plenty.

Knowing the likes of every family member or your friends can be overwhelming but once you know their hobby or what they fancy, it can be easier to pick gifts for them. Music lovers will always love instruments or music accessories so it's better to check out the best ukuleles at guitar center and other items.

SM City Taytay Pre-Holiday Sale

SM City Taytay will hold a Pre-Holiday Sale from October 30 (Wed.), till Nov. 3, 2013 (Sunday), this means you'll have 5 days of shopping with discounts.

This will be a perfect time to shop for you Christmas shopping just in case you're an early Christmas shopper who wants to shop gifts early to avoid the rush in December.

I'm actually thinking of going again there this Sunday to see the sale items and I hope I can grab some for myself.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Where to Find Stylish Leather Motorcycle Jackets for Women

There are some gorgeous and stylish leather riding jackets for the ladies that enjoy riding every bit as much as the men; unfortunately, some shoppers may have difficulty finding resilient and durable riding jackets in local venues. Most ladies leather jackets in conventional retail venues simply are not made for performance- and when they are, style could be sacrificed. That is why it makes sense to check out some of the fantastic jackets that can be easily ordered from reputable vendors online, in styles that match up to the durability and wear given.

Bikers will agree that a good leather jacket is integral when riding a motorcycle, and there are some really fun and stylish selections found from sellers online. Consider the available styles of leather motorcycle jackets for women at; this site carries top quality apparel for those discriminating buyers who are looking for something that will stand the test of time- both in terms of quality, and in details that will keep products in style and fashionable for years to come.

A good leather riding jacket can be so much more than a wardrobe staple; in some instances, it may be the only protection afforded those who ride regularly. Consider online styles and pricing to determine the best investment when buying women's leather jackets.

OOTD: The Cat Shirt

These past few days, I always wanted to wear something light and comfortable when going out.I love wearing those comfy leggings for it makes me feel relaxed and unconstrained.

Passed by a new store in our neighborhood where imported goods mostly from Bangkok are sold and scoured the racks of clothes that they have there. I have seen quite a lot of nice blouses, shirts and dresses but unfortunately the sizes are almost always FREE SIZE so most of the times it's too big for me. I've got a small frame so free size styles usually don't fit my body shape well.

Saw this stripes black shirt with black cat stitched to it and I thought it's nice. It would have been nicer if it's a dog because I'm a dog lover but when I tried it on, the size is not too big for me so I bought it. It's only P350.00 but I guess I can get it at much lower price if I bought it in Divisoria hehe.

I matched the shirt with my comfy cotton leggings and flat shoes. I wore my red strapped watch with my bracelets that also has red color in it to add some color.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to Get Great Deals on Home Appliances

Every home should be equipped with home appliances that we need to use on our everyday living. Nothing beats a home that is fully equipped with basic appliances for it can make our life much easier.

Just imagine the hassle that it can give you when you don’t have a working cooking range or stove when preparing and cooking foods for your family. Apart from that, a refrigerator is definitely a must-have for every home for it is where we store our food supplies and left-over foods. There are also affordable and modern fridge freezers with latest features that you can buy.

Here are some few tips to on how to get great deals on home appliances.
Do Your Homework
Before buying any appliances for your home, always make sure to know the measurement of the area where you’ll put your appliances especially if they will occupy big space in your kitchen or any room in the house. Doing so, it can provide you an idea on how big your washing machine, ref or TV that you need to buy. Getting a wrong size can also give you problem in terms of room space in the end.

Check out for the Latest Styles/Models
Browsing through leaflets, catalogues and websites of various brands can provide you with the latest styles on some home appliances. You can already know ahead of time their latest models and read new features of the appliance that you are eyeing to buy.

Compare Prices
It’s always better to check prices on various stores to get a good discount. If you are purchasing online, comparison websites allow users to compare prices of various products on different stores online using your computer or mobile devices.

Keep an Eye on Sales and Promos
Stores always give discounts and promos to their customers from time to time so be sure to subscribe to their newsletters or social networking sites to avail of these promos.  Some stores offer a great discounts most especially if they have few more stocks left.

Read Reviews or Ask Your Friends/Relatives
It always helps consumers in knowing more a product when they read reviews online. Your friends or relatives can also provide you a good hindsight about a certain product.

Purchasing home appliances is always exciting but be sure to inspect the items thoroughly if you are buying them on local stores.