Thursday, February 27, 2014

Smart Shopping Tips

Image via: David Castillo Dominici
Every consumer wants to save even just a little when they shop so they wait for sale season to find a good one.

Compare prices
Smart shoppers will not usually go shopping in a store without strolling or canvassing for various prices on different stores on items that they will buy. This way, they can compare prices and they have a lot of option before buying. Whether you are buying shoes etc. at Target or wherever, just make sure that you know the price of another store to see if you'll get a discounted price.

Ask for Discount
We don't usually ask for discount at the counter, right? However, if you ask the cashier if there's a discount on that item, you'll be amazed that often than not the cashier will give you 10-20% discount. I have tried this once when I bought a router for my computer, amazingly, I got 10% discount!

Look for Bargains
There is always a bargain or marked down area in every store so you might want to check it our first. Just makes sure to look for damages or any discrepancy on the item and see if the price is worth it.

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